Major Water Traitstone


I need only 10 major water traitstone.

How to get them easily? Which kingdom should I fight?

Anything with a blue arcane.

Stormheim is probably your best bet, as you’ll have no risk of other majors coming in.

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Should I my home kingdom as Stormheim?

No real need, it doesn’t affect traitstone acquisition anymore, revenges are now fought in target’s kingdom I believe.

How to choose and known my rival kingdoms for PVP?

You can’t. But all opponents for PVP are fought in their home kingdoms. In the past, Revenge matches were fought in your kingdom, but that is no longer the case. When you click on an opponent in PVP, and you get to view their team, it should list the kingdom at the top of the screen.

Stormheim is not a popular home kingdom, you won’t see many PvP opps there.

Explore mode is your best bet.

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Broken Spire is, however, you see plenty of those in PvP at the beginning of the game because of the myriad of people that aren’t aware/don’t care enough to change.

@Liverah if you are at the very beginning of the game (it sounds like you are, if you need a major stone of any color), your best bet may be to start completing some of the Broken Spire challenges or Mist of Scale questline and challenges. Stormheim will be faster for just these 10 stones if you have it unlocked, since it can only drop blue, but Broken Spire and Mist of Scales are more accessible if you are very early game.

You also get random Majors from both glory keys (often) and gold keys (rarely). This may not be a viable way to get your very next 10 major water that you need right now, but if you aren’t in a guild, join one. Being in a guild where you get at least some gold and glory keys a week gives you a supply of traitstones, and a quite frankly broken ratio of Major stones to everything else, so soon enough you’ll be cursing major traitstones’ existence when they drop with the rest of us.