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In urgent need of minor fire trait stones

As the title implies, I can’t seem to accrue enough minor fire (red) stones. I’m using Adana currently as my home kingdom. In the past I rec’d a good amount of minor fire stones while using this kingdom. Currently, the game just NEVER coughs up any of these. Any thoughts on how to get more of these stones. I’m around level 260 something, if that matters.
Thanks a lot.

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You and everyone else.


Why not pridelands, it is mono-red.

I’ts Red/Green. Pridelands, I think,. is the mono red.

Trust me, I farmed a lot of Arcane Beasts from Wild Plains.

Sniped my edit so quick that i have no idea if it was caught.

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The home kingdom affects traitstone drops? Is this true? How & to what extent?

When you do PvP Revenge battles they take place in your home kingdom. Hence that is the type of traitstone you get.

Oops someone posted it is different on the PC

Which kingdom you fight a battle in determines the traitstones that drop. In PvP, you typically fight in the home kingdom of the defender. Previously revenge battles took place in your home kingdom, rather than the kingdom of your opponent. I haven’t noticed if this is still the case under the new system.

A minor extent.



Wish I could like that ten times. Though partly because you were just being hilarious in global chat and there are no like buttons in global chat.

What works for me to a minor extent is to switch to Pridelands before a PvP session. That way I’ll get red stones with every revenge match I encounter. Then when I switch to tribute collection mode (on mobile so it’s easy to login for a few seconds each hour or so) I change it to whatever kingdom I’m collecting resources from (usually Whitehelm). Hope this helps!

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