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So my minor fire stones is pretty low

What would be the best way to get those minor fire stones? Have a kingdom as home that contains only fire stones?

That and do the challenges, boring I know but use a team that gives the fastest victories.

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Thanks, Macawi! :slight_smile:

I just don’t have the patience to do the latter lol, so my mindset is I get them when I get them.

At least its minor stones, the easiest of the stones to get. So will just chill around with a fire hometown and do defends battles now and then.

If you’ve got a lot of maps sitting around, grinding through maps getting 3 or 4 stones a map can be a good way to increase your overall stocks of minor stones (including red).

Otherwise, smashing Pridelands challenges would be the quickest way to generate a handful of minor reds.


Pridelands challenge, lowest difficulty, with an AE damage team (Crescendo is a great choice, oodles of AE true damage). One cast is enough on lowest difficulty so matches are very very fast letting you rack up minors quickly.


I have trouble believing that I am favoring Fire troops to the point I’ve gotten here. :frowning:


Right there with ya

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minor fire lol

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Welp i don’t need my fire stones cause i do not run red.

How about this? I need everything (except majors for obvious reasons)


You know, I thought it was only my account which was showing an amazing lack of Red minors. It’s like Ragnagord swept through in the middle of the night and helped himself to all the lil bitty cranberry-apple-flavoured gems. Well tough beans, Ragnagord. Cough 'em up… We want our Reds back!

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