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Balance traitstone usage

We all know the pain of running out of red minor by now, so I wanted to see just how bad it is. I downloaded the ToDo Monitor to see what the usage stats are with nothing traited:

Blue 1902
Green 2202
Red 3036
Yellow 1908
Purple 2526
Brown 2100

If it were dead equal (not realistic, but for instructive purposes) each would use 2279 stones. Which means red is 800 stones over average while blue and yellow are 300 each.

What I would suggest is go through the Red/Yellow and Red/Blue troops and swap the minor used. Flame Canon for example takes 60 minor red, 14 major red, 6 major yellow, 6 of each runic, 3 arcane. If you swapped that to 60 minor yellow you would bring each color closer to balance. If you did this for 4-5 troops each you would bring red down by 600 and blue and yellow up.


Aaaaand… 10 out of 13 Purple/Brown troops require Minor Magic. Shocked, I tell you…

Oh nevermind, Red/Yellow is 11/13 needing Fire.

Red/Blue is a bit better with 8/13 (or 9/14 counting War).

yup, swap out 3 of those to make it 7 vs 6, and would reduce Purple by about 200 and increase Brown making it 2326 to 2300, far more balanced.

Also a suggestion, although more about minor/major balance: replace minors by majors on every legendaries third trait.


Or, y’know, all three traits for Legendaries…


Good analysis, Rasper.
Maybe it might be addressed with future kingdom release troops favouring the lesser required minors?

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What if the devs choose red mana more because they are on team red (pokemon go reference here)

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I would love to see a rebalancing of those red monsters! Please make this happen! :wink:

'Nuff said.


I assume that the variation in usage/drop rate is intentional, to create more variation in our emotional responses to drops.

Monotony is a real killer. You combat monotony by hitting a range of emotional responses… the wider the range the better. As low as possible, as high as possible, as many points in between as possible.

(This is why getting great drops all the time gets boring so fast–it’s monotonous.)

That being said, I have no idea why major traitstones exist at all. All six major traitstones evoke an emotional reaction of “Ugh,” in, as far as I can tell, absolutely every single player.

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all i see is red… rage quit … j/k.