Developers in love with Red

Out of the Troops on Console, a good 75% of those with Red as one of it’s colours uses Minor/Major/Runic Reds.

Even Troops that logically use the other colour require Reds.

No ther colour is this heavily skewed.

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Every Red Yellow troop on console uses Red as a main. None use Yellow.

Yup, even Troops more Air than Fire.

I noticed this too. But I have not taken any time to compare Troops one on one to the PC version.

I thought Console Devs said they would follow PC team even when they disagree with them, like Map limit being recently completely removed.

Yep, Running low on Red is a constant issue.

PS: I agree with the console Devs there should be a Map cap per match.

Many of us have run out of Minor Fire completely while sitting on hundreds of the others…

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My point exactly

The total number of required traitstones as per this post (which is out of date since it’s from January, but the point still stands) shows how much more red there is than just about anything else.

At that point in time you needed more Minor Reds than Minor Blues and Minor Yellows COMBINED.

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I have not set a date this post for a while because of the very good apps and the wiki has been created.
Here is a very handy app to calculate traitstones (created by my friend @turintuor)

a small screenshoot:

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Yeah I wasn’t trying to suggest that it necessarily needed updating, because as you say there are some great apps for it now. Just using to point out that even back at the beginning of this year Red was WAAAY head of any of the other colours in traitstones. I don’t think the troops released since then will have significantly affected that ratio.

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Yes, the time has this shows the dominance of red. I think right now it still remains the dominant color of the game, but there are still kingdoms to come …:wink:

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