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Getting Minor Traitstones

I’m trying to unlock the traits for my Dragon’s Claw team to power up the kingdom, and I did the math of all the minor traitstones I need to forge all the stones I need, and the count is at least 1000. What’s the best way to try to earn traitstones without spending real world money?

(The team, if anyone is interested, is (in order)
Dragonian Monk)

I need
207 Minor Earth
169 Minor Fire
213 Minor Water
290 Minor Magic
126 Minor Nature
189 Minor Wind

If you farm in Explore Mode you can probably get enough stones for each troop in a day or two, depending of how much time you can dedicate in this task. Clicking on the hero button and the Inventory Tab you can check your amounts of each traitstone you have and if you click on the traistone you can find the Kingdoms where it can drop.

Visk for example is Red//Blue, Arcane Blood traitstones, as well as the other minor, major and runics of each color can be found in Mist of Scales. If you end up needing only a few minors of a specific color they can also be farmed in certain kingdoms.

Minor Fire, as well as Major, Runic and Arcane Rage traitstones, can be found in Pridelands.
Minor Water, as well as Major, Runic and Arcane Stoic traitstones, can be found in Stormheim.


Pick a mono-colored kingdom in the color that you want. For example, Stormheim is a mono-blue kingdom. It will only drop water-oriented traitstones.

Now you want to make sure you get the most Minors. If you Explore, you’ll have higher chances of Arcanes and Celestials. That will make you get minors slower. So you want to do challenges for Stormheim if you want Minor Water traitstones. It’s possible the overhead of dealing with the map screen each time slows you down enough to make it quicker to do explores. I don’t know for sure how this is.

But, speaking frankly: if you are early enough in the game that this is a team you use “because it kicks ass” instead of “it’s fun”, don’t go farming traitstones yet. You would do better farming gold to level kingdoms, or souls to level troops, or arcane traitstones to use on Mythics/Legendaries when you inevitably get/craft them.

Also: this is a good reason to not trait things willy-nilly. I’m only about 50% to having all the Minor traitstones I need. But I have never been unable to trait a troop due to lack of minors. Why? I don’t trait things for fun outside of a budget. If I don’t have 50 runics left over, I’m not traiting anything unless I need that troop. I find that shooting for arcanes has given me plenty ample a supply of minors.

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Fair enough, but it’s just my overarching goal right now to level up and power up Dragons Claw, and the only task left to power it up again is having 4 unique Dragon’s Claw troops with all traits unlocked.

And the only minors on their own I need to grab are 22 Fire and 14 Magic, the rest is the maximum stones I need to get everything I need through the Soul forge (and I just caught a mistake I’m the math that overshot what I needed)

I do realize that going through the forge to get what I need is probably the most costly method to get to where I want to go, but it gives me a goal I can see, and I’ll very likely find shortcuts (aka, getting a Runic/Arcane I need) that will speed the process up significantly

Gold chests will give you piles of them, if you have the keys.

Yes, I think you’ll be able to farm your majors, runics, and arcanes much more efficiently than trying to farm enough minors to craft them. You’ll get a lot of majors and runics while trying to get minors anyway, and when you want arcanes it’s wiser to switch to Explore so they have a higher chance.

Since you really need all of them, I say farm for the arcane traitstones you need, then re-evaluate how many others you need afterwards. Odds are by the time you get the arcanes you won’t need the small guys. I’d advise against crafting for traitstones (though I’ve done it when I just needed 1 or 2). All crafting in this game is inefficient, that means it costs you more than the thing you get is “worth”.

Fun fact: due to the way things are spread out, players get more Majors than they need before any other kind of traitstone.


Seconding gold chests (if you have them, don’t spend gold to buy them), and farming Explore toward the Arcanes you will need later to incidentally get the minors you need now.

You’ll have more majors than you need before minors, but don’t craft minors from majors in the soulforge. The soul cost alone makes this a bad trade early on coupled with the sheer volume of minor that you need to trait anything - the long term determent will almost always outweigh the short term benefit. If you happen to get bottlenecked on Runics, that can be a decent use of your “extra” major stones, where you are just offsetting your cost elsewhere, maybe to a time when it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve been doing just this, and farming runics instead of crafting them!

Souls aren’t a problem for me right now, as I use a dragon soul + hero + 2x necromancy trait team when farming traitstones.

But maybe I’ll regret spending souls to craft minors, when I start powering kingdoms up to 6? Now most kingdoms are power 2, and I usually power up an individual kingdom directly from 2 to 5 all at once. 6 seems a long way off, but I guess it will come well before Pharos Ra since I play a lot.