Confused on where to farm traitstones


So if I have finished all of the story content and all of the challenges a long time ago, and I needed minor wind traitstones, where would I go? I don’t think I get the intent here of the developers.

Am I better of not tying to get traitstones from gameplay directly and just use maps to collect gold and keys for traitstones?

What have other people found as helpful to find the stones you need?


Traitstones earned from fights will be based on the kingdom you are fighting in. The only way to really increase your chances of getting specific traitstones is to set your home kingdom to the color/s you want, such that your defense fights will all be there. Wind (Yellow) is easiest to find in Whitehelm; luckily a lot of people run that kingdom as their home right now.


You can find the full list of kingdom traitstones here:


So am I better off playing PvP and hoping to get attacked after changing my kingdom to Whitestone, or replaying the challenges in Whitestone? I guess I can test the challenges and see what they give me.


If you really want to get a dozen or two traitstones quick, then yes. They should all give you Wind in Whitehelm.


I thing you should use your maps to get keys that can then turn into trait stones. I run valk and serpent so i feel the pinch across the board for trait stones


Do Arcanes drop from challenges? I have done 400 challenges in Karakoth looking for “Arcane Death” traitstone, but nothing yet …



It should drop there. 400 times without it just means the drop rate is a lot worse than I thought it was.


I received one Khetar Spirit Arcane in Challenge mode. But very rare drop…


400?i get them much more regularly than that 0o