* Magix * ✨ Be enchanted! We invite players to join our chill and positive guild to have fun! We promote diversity, hilarity, and gifs. | Guild Events Completed | **Guild Wars optional** | Weekly Legendary Tasks

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We are a top 150 guild and have been established since 2016. Our members from all over the world. :sunglasses: :de: :kr: :us: :vietnam: :denmark: :eu: :canada: :indonesia: :uk: :hungary:

All active event players are welcome with us. GW optional.

No donations needed until your kingdoms are leveled up to 10. With the game changing so much, it’s important to be a part of a guild that can support new, old and returning players with tips, and key information about the game.

We help answer questions like: how to play Epic Trials, the best approach for Faction events, how to play Vault events and make the most out of Paloozas runs, Medal your troops, get more gems, establishing Gold and Soul farming teams, etc.
We are here to all have fun together and have a wonderful, positive experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We also welcome veteran players who want an event based playing style, love the game and are into team support! (All members are friendly, polite and positive)

Our guild completes all guild events!

In order to do this we have ranks based on :signal_strength: 3 levels of playing style:

  1. VIP Event Players: :1st_place_medal:VIP players are for those who achieve more than the Regular Event Player Goals.

  2. Regular Event Players: please see below for Goals to attain this rank

  3. Casual Event Players: :beach_umbrella: Casual players are for those who play less than the Regular Event Players. Casual player goals are Tier 2 and playing all sigils for all guild events.

Regular Event Player Goals:

  • Positive energy and interest for the game!

  • Participation in all Events: minimum Tier 3 for Raid Boss, Invasion and World events. (this way you still have left over gems from 390 gems you get from the Guild Tasks to save for other things)

  • Tower of Doom: minimum Tier 4 (using the weapons scores double points) - Low level players are encouraged to wait for the VIP players to scout the rooms and follow the rooms in the Guild Chat.
    We re-post the room information into the chat at the end of the week for the weekend warriors so there’s no stress in when you want to play the event. :melting_face: :heart_eyes:

  • Journey Event: minimum Tier 4 (how else can we get those Books of Deeds, right?)

  • Read the chat - we post valuable information on upcoming events, teams and also random tips.

  • Guild Wars - optional.

Note: When your Kingdoms are all at level 10 only then do we ask that you donate 650k gold. Low level players with Kingdoms under level 10 are encouraged to use their gold towards upgrading their Kingdoms instead.

Discord is very much appreciated and required| Guild Wars is optional | Selectively Social? No problem!

What we offer…

  • We offer a relaxed, positive, warm, open and encouraging atmosphere. :heart:

  • A wealth of organized knowledge to provide tips and guidance in the game.

  • We finish ALL regular guild tasks so that all members get 390 gems, bonus experience and skills for the week! We finish all EPIC TASKS for those precious deeds! Legendary Tasks every week!

  • 40K Guild Seals to max out the Guild Chest to level 6 - this means more mythic opportunities! We have it maxed out early every week.

  • We offer occasional contests to encourage players. :gift:

  • We offer lots of Pet rescues during the Vault event weekend (our highest count was 72 pet rescues!) :rabbit: :cat: :dog: Pets are important because they boost our troop skills whether we equip them or not.

  • We offer a look ahead, daily checklists, team suggestions and coaching for anyone who’s interested :melting_face:

  • We offer a great group of core players who are often on the Leaderboard. In the Journey Events we have had 4 players in the top 50! :man_dancing: :dancer:

  • Meaningful rank names that make sense and are based on the level of event participation: VIP Event Player, Regular Event Player and Casual Player.

Other notes:

  • Unable to play for a week? No problem, just let us know in the chat and we will hold your spot for you :hourglass:

  • :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: Don’t want to be social in the chat? No problem, just keep the chat available so you know when there are contests or pet rescues or handy tips!

  • Have :family_man_woman_girl_boy: friends or family members that you want to continue to play with? Bring them along!

What members have been saying about our guild

“wow! just wow! This has to be the best guild. At least I think so! LOLOL”

“Thank you! So happy to have found this group”

“I also got a lot of help coming into this guild, and I’m really grateful. I would have never been able to find the information you organized.”

Give us a try! :slight_smile:

If you like a positive, casual play setting and enjoy playing events, then come join us! :dizzy:

We value a positive mindset, beings who are gentle or shy, and we do our best to provide a warm and welcoming environment. Social challenges? No worries - you can have a place among us to practice positive sharing!
We promote a kind and friendly environment with lots of appreciation and support.

Please direct message me or leave us your invite code and tell us a bit about yourself/friends. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and playing with you!

Wishing you a wonderful day :grinning:


I’m look for a new home

My invite code is BETTIE_ZVWM I’m interested in joining


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I’m looking for a new home




Our members re-living an 80’s montage as they get ready for the Vault Event this Friday:


Looking for a guild invite PHEONIXXY_NTKB :black_heart:

Hey Alora, I can’t seem to find you. Would you please double check your invite code? Are you on PC/Mobile? :slight_smile:

Mobile! Il recheck it one sec :slight_smile: my bad dyslexia mixed the last to letters up​:sweat_smile: bk at the end not kb xD

Found you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Journey Event


Pet rescue