Looking for a new guild!

Lvl 145 casual player, plays daily. Completes tasks, gives generously to guild. Still maxing out kingdoms. Participates in guild wars and boss. Invite me! invite code: HAXONNA_ZCKW

Have a look on our recruiting page :slight_smile: I could offer you a spot in Enchanted, if you are interested. Would be happy, if you could join our discord server, then I can tell you all the details.

Hi jaxon, we have a spot for you! Take a look at our recruiting page, and if you accept the req’s we’d love to have you belong to our active guild.


Hey jaxon. Have a couple spots open in PreDominant. Let me know if you are interested. You could join our discord server if you are at the following link: PreDominant

We are the sister guild to Dominant. Casual, no requirements until your kingdoms are all level 10 and then you are free to contriubute what you can afford. If you have chosen another guild already, I guess I was too slow, but I wish you the best. The Littlest Hobo