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✨ Want to be part of a growing community? Join "Magix" (Full) - rank 27 - or "Enchanted" (27/30) our climbing sister guild. ✨


Magix is looking for progress-oriented players who want to climb the leaderboard with us and are interested in playing guild wars in top brackets.

:de::us: Originally a german guild, we made designated language channels (ENG/GER) and multi language channels on our discord server. You can choose, whether u want to participate in a bilingual experience or not.
Most of us are capable to converse in english and are happy to do so.

On accession, we offer:

  • 40k seal chest every week

  • All tasks are completed on monday and many legendary tasks through the week

  • Internal guild events (on hold for now)

  • Relaxed but ambitous atmosphere

  • Lively discord server (statistics, internal guild chat, collection of guild war teams and more)

Magix requirements:

  • Min. 1350 seals weekly, to guarantee the 40k seal chest.

  • Min. 500k gold & min. 300 trophies weekly.
    We have many members who exceed these requirements by far and we are looking for players, who share this motivation.

  • Complete the 30 guild battles every week. (It’s not mandatory to finish them on their respective day, but highly appreciated)

  • Level up guild war statues to at least level 3 every week.


Enchanted is our second guild, which should intentionally work as as a beginner guild for ambitous players, a stepping stone to higher grounds and a chance to join Magix.

We started to expand at 30th July 2017.


Enchanted requirements:

  • Min. 1350 seals weekly, to guarantee the 40k seal chest.

  • Min. 200k gold & min. 150 trophies weekly.

  • Guild wars is optional. Participation and sentinels level at your own choice.

General informations:

  • To ensure a fair overview for everyone and to document player progress, we use a transparent und flexible point system for both guilds, which is based on our requirements. More to this after joining discord.

  • Communication is important to us! If you are absent for more than 4-5 days or if anything at all bothers you, please let us know.

  • Furthermore, you should regularly look into the announcement channel on our Discord server, in order to not miss anything.

We are a friendly and helpful community constantly striving to improve. We want to be a place to stay and grow.

If you are interested in joining either Magix or Enchanted, we would gladly welcome you at our Discord-Server and discuss everything else there. :wink:
Contact: @Xylit#3706 or @Shanaliy#2182

Hello, they are still open because I want to join if it is possible?
How many legendary tasks do you do every week ?

One open spot left. Send u a pm. @PLA13YER

Hi, @Xylit. You’ve got the wrong person, lol. I am totally happy in my present, quite awesome, guild. You meant to contact @PLA13YER.

Happy gaming! ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ

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Oh… I might have misclicked. My bad :smile: Thanks for noticing.

Happy gaming!

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At least 2 open spots on monday!

Hello, Im a pretty new player, only lvl 71 but i’m very active, I can guarantee 6-800 trophies and 1500 seals, with gold it will be harder but i can manage. If you are interested post here

Hello, thank you for your interest.
Do u mind joining our discord server, so we can discuss further details there? We are definitely interested, but we have an slightly different offer for you and some questions. :slight_smile:
Discord is a requirement either way. Hope to hear from you!

Yeah, I’m in discord right now

:sparkles: Magix:
Currently full

:sparkles: Enchanted:
3 open spots

Waiting list is always open!

Join us on discord!
Contact: @Xylit#3706 or @Shanaliy#2182