+magic upgrades on none magic using weapons?

So it has come to my attention that several of the weapons in the game that do not run off of magic ratings have the +magic rating upgrades in their forge upgrades. Is there something I am missing here as to why they would need that or want that upgrade? or is it a developer oversight? Anu’s Scepter is an easy reference for anyone who is curious. I think every resource driven upgrade for a weapon needs to have a direct impact on that weapons use or functionality and +magic rating on weapons that do not use magic just seems to be a huge miss step. Weapons that summon I can see that being helpful if the weapons magic ratings help with the summons level but even then I think the summoning level is still restricted.

I went back and double checked every weapon that doesn’t have a magic value attached to its cast has a +magic upgrade in its path ranging from 4 ingots to 14 on cursed blade. Some even have it multiple times like Grimoire


The first five weapon levels are cookie cutter upgrades based on the weapon’s type. Every, for example, Tome, has the same first five upgrades. It certainly doesn’t help that certain weapon types, for example, Tome, have multiple magic upgrades in the first five levels but a large percentage of weapons of that type that don’t scale with magic at all.

You’d think, but I have brought it to their attention several times.

That is a waste of materials while other weapons benefit from every upgrade there are weapons that only benefit from a portion of their benefits how is that fair and balanced or even remotely ok to just let be

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There may be uses for it…like sekhma that pulls magic from all allies?

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I gave you a heart for your stretch of the imagination. I wish that was in anyway viable or a team worth building. That does not change the fact that some weapons get full advantage of their upgrades while others get nothing. Not a fair use or materials or a balance in weapons.

Until I see evidence to the contrary, its this one unfortunately. :man_facepalming:

I can’t find it off the top of my head, but I feel like the devs have said that +Magic on weapons that don’t use any Magic is intentional “in case it’s changed in the future to use Magic”.

If I’m remembering correctly then yes, that’s as ridiculous as it seems. If I’m wrong then I preemptively apologize…but I don’t think I am. ;p

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