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Jack-o-Lantern weapon upgrades

The Jack-o-Lantern third and fifth upgrades are each +1 Magic.

The Jack-o-Lantern does not use Magic.

Come on, folks. Seriously?


Lol why am I not surprised…

I second that. It’s not a Tome after all, so it’s ok to have upgrades with magic…

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Nice costume @Razzagor, i didn’t recognize you without the mustache and Wild Plains gripes.

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It’s temporary dedication to the joke. :wink:

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The affixes a weapon gets are determined by very old legacy code and changing it could cause a lot of other problems in the game. We’re just going to have to deal.


Other weapons have the same problem. Do you expect this to change? There are class talents with similar issues. I doubt the devs do a deep dive into these types of issues…it is just copy/paste.

I don’t really expect anything - I’ve almost completely ignored the entire Weapon Upgrade system, because the whole thing is a disastrous mess. The fact that they went through the effort to release a cool, timely, seasonal weapon but didn’t spare 30 seconds to look at it is just…sad. And I don’t mean that as a euphemism; I literally mean that the seeming sloppiness and slapdash design of this whole system makes me feel sad, because this game once felt like a lot of love went into making it.


Yup, and it’s also our THIRD Legendary weapon for the Sin kingdom. Because, yeah, we need more of those :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Can we get one, just one low rarity weapon for Sin? Please? I’m not asking for a Common, just an Ultra-Rare or something. Even an Epic would be better. Not stellar, but better.

Absolutely, and is my entire point with it all, we do not need more things being added if they are borked, yet another example here. Add things, sure, but c’mon guys - slow it down for quality’s sake…

Wow, you can upgrade an epic? You must be rich.


For existing weapons that noone uses? I don’t expect them to change. For newly released weapons, I really would have hoped some thought would have gone into the upgrades.

Personally, since delves, epic ingots are now the hardest to get. I’ve got legendary and mythic ingots spilling out of my ears.


I mean… I guess? I just play a lot and I have souls flying out my butt, so I maxed out my lower rarity weapons already and convert the leftovers.

Really? I’ll take your word for it (i don’t play Delves, so I don’t know). You could convert for Epics though, thats what I do. I have no use for Common to Ultra Rare anymore and I have souls up the butt, so… Yeah.

Edit: Also, note that I did say an Epic wouldn’t be fantastic. Personally, I would love an Ultra Rare in Sin, like Drak-Zam (think I spelled that right, maybe not) has.

Ah, that’s the difference. Opening “chaos portals” showers you with legendary and mythic ingots. I covert my commons up to epic every week or so. Here’s mine right now, and I’ve upgraded every legendary/mythic weapon that I’ve wanted to use.


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Well, I said I didn’t play Delves. Never said I didn’t open the Portals :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

I get what you mean though. Haha.

It’s a very festive, cool weapon. Thank you Devs, it’s awesome and for what it cost me I have 0 complaints.

The weapons art and name is cool, but that’s it.


I think that’s okay, I love it for what it is. But I don’t think it was given in the spirit of being the next Dawnbringer. :wink:

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I’m not even talking about effectiveness or usefulness at all - I’m strictly talking about the upgrades for the weapon that do literally nothing at all except sucker people into wasting their ingots if they’re not paying attention. That’s bad.


Yup, it’s better than a boring artwork and name. :rofl:

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