Magic Key Open So lucky!



I think I may just hate you a little bit. If you had gotten Carnex instead of the Deep Borer, I definitly would have hated you :slight_smile:


Grats! Nearly as lucky as when I got three Dire Wolves from one iron key…


Did you report it as a bug?



I needed them - I only have 73 of them…

In patch 122 when we need to set up 50 strong teams, my Dire Wolves will pwn all…


You are guaranteed 1 rare per iron key. If you got three common cards from one chest, then something went wrong.


Bah, why do you have to spoil things by being so… right…


Damn, did I do the very thing I complained about people doing in my thread? Sorry!


grats i pulled GAR’NOK from iron key …now i think about it all my legends have been from iron key web-spinner moloch (2) shadow dragon and i grind my but off for magic keys n never get lucky


An army, but dire.
Will forward this on to take a look at.