Probabilities in 1.0.7


Before the release of the 1.0.8 patch, many of you are reluctant to open or maintain your keys.

On this forum, I know some people like statistics and probabilities.

So to leave a trace of these probabilities on 1.0.7, and to help people who are still reluctant, could you give me your calculations and your chances for obtaining a legendary , an epic .

Maybe even the probability of a specific creature legendary or epic of the 157 current troops.

If possible, differentiate your calculations of Iron and a Magic Key

Here are some actual figures to support your calculations

Thank you for your participation, which I am sure, will help many people in our community

In your calculations :wink:

some reference links:


Today I opened 40 magic keys which resulted in 5 legendary troops (got winter imp and webspiner from a single key, and others where 2xhydra and moloch, sadly no new legendary). Also I got 3 epic troops from those 40 keys (2x sparkgrinder and scarlet).
Rest were the remaining 3 rarity.