Keys one question

theoretically I have 50 iron keys and 5 magic keys. What better do you think the first use? and can combine 10i-1 m what you think?

Just use them all!

There is no intrinsic benefit of using one set before the other. They have the same available range of troops and the chances of getting anything won’t change based on your existing troops.

Be sure to notify us what you got :smile:

Ok I’ll try not to forget ^^:grin:

Ok I write until I remember used 60 Iron keys

Common 110
Rare 55
Ultra Rare 11
Epic 3
Legendary 1

Epic and Legendary: Shadow Hunter, Sunweaver, Dark Song, Behemot

Total Souls 1625

For My :grin: Fany Score :sunglasses:

Not bad you got a legendary :smile: