Info about Iron and Magic keys! REUPLOAD

This is a somewhat interesting information, I hope you guys like it…

1000 Iron Keys:

Common Troops 1838* x (5)** = 9190 Souls

Rare Troops 987* x (10)** = 9870 Souls

Ultra Rare Troops 125* x (25)** = 3125 Souls

Epic Troops 44* x (50)** = 2200 Souls

Legendary Troops 6* x (100)** = 600 Souls

C= 62% / R= 33% / UR= 4% / E= 2% / L= 0.20%

Total of souls earned: 24985

First Number = Troops I got using the keys.
Second Number = souls you get per disenchating each troop.

Following the same format I also gathered some information with MAGIC KEYS, being this ones less since they are as You know, quite more… Expensive.

100 Magic Keys:

Common Troops 137* x (5)** = 685 Souls

Rare Troops 57* x (10)** = 570 Souls

Ultra Rare Troops 80* x (25)** = 2000 Souls

Epic Troops 17* x (50)** = 850 Souls

Legendary Troops 9* x (100)** = 900 Souls

C= 45% / R= 19% / UR= 27% / E= 6% / L= 3%

Total of souls earned: 5005

Fun Fact: The most popular troop was The “Fortress Gate” with (110/3300), the second most was “Satyr” with (107/3300)


Gems for yooooooooooooooooooooou! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

The one problem I have is that from iron keys, you had a .2% chance of legendary, and for Magic Keys you had a 3%. It is said that Magic Keys have triple the chance for a legendary, but .2% * 3 = .6%… I think the percentages, if I recall, are somewhere around .8 and 2.4 or something along those lines. So I guess you just got REALLY unlucky with those iron keys in this experiment.

Hm… @Emoxes. N=1000 should be a sample large enough to give a good statistical outcome. So perhaps the chances are in fact lower than advertised. :slight_smile: N=100 for the magic keys is of course no indication for the real chances of getting certain troops.

1000 is a decent sample size, however the amount of legendaries may not be… Yes you may have been a bit lucky on those magic keys, but the 1000 keys should give a good sample size for most of the percentages bar legendaries. I think you need to get 30 legendaries out of keys in order to get a good sample size.

I’ve open packs 1000 iron keys multiple times, I can confirm you this info is quite avarage from the other times i’ve opened.

@CrowdedWorlds This is reuploaded information I made for Maugrim Woods patch, I dont deserve those gems!

That’s fine! I said in my original post, if you were the original author you’re welcome to simply port stuff over from other places too. Hard work was still involved in originally creating that content :slight_smile:

@Emoxes I’ve around 1700 right now, ill aim for 3000 for the next patch and I’ll try give you better numbers.

Did @Tacet ever generate stats from his massive key opening? I don’t recall

No, nor did I upload it. Was busy with vacation at the time and then kind of forgot about it when I got back. xD It is a lot of counting. O_O