Some interesting stats about invades


Aight. Some interesting stats about invades. It took me about two months to gather this information since I haven’t been invading too much lately but here you have it. ^^ This is gonna be either interesting or meh depending on your personality! :stuck_out_tongue:


The most face kingdoms during invades.

We need to give Stormheim more love! I guess the cold is not for everyone… As a fun or interesting trend. Look how the “New” kingdoms are the ones who are less picked as “home” kingdoms!

Armor (Costumes)

Armor (Costumes) popularity…

As a fun or interesting fact. The most popular “other” costume is the Lion Armor. I didn’t really check this but I’m pretty sure more than the half of the 368 are Lions.

Gold and Keys

  • The most gold obtained in one battle was 2786 (Agaisnt a level 1000) and the avarage gold obtained per battle (Using Dragon armor and no “gold farm” troop or strategic) was 1630g.

  • The numbers of free keys recieved trough matching random gems was 16!

For some more insight stats about keys please check out this post I made: Iron and Magic keys stats!

PS: Take in count that this stats were made by a 385 level player. Stats can (and will) go different for lower or higher levels.


This is very cool!

I’m not surprised Forest of Thorns is the most used home Kingdom, given how popular the Webspinner green spam teams are at the moment. Other thing to note is that most (if not all) of the popular kingdoms are kingdoms that can reach level 10.


Thank god someone replied. Was starting to think that not even one person care about my two months job. :'3 Wait!!! Is that a new troop in your profile pic¡? :smiley:

About the post. Yeah webspinner spam everywhere lol! And you are right :o Didn’t noticed that the most popular are the level 10 kingdoms too. Well… No rare fact, that +1 magic is actually very helpful.


You weren’t supposed to talk about that. It is the easter egg Nim is trying to tease us with for the new kingdom. The barbaric desertswamp-Gnolls of the rainforestglaciers of the kingdom of Whatsitsname (which they’ll announce soon).


Maybe… :wink:


Pretty cool work, I would have put higher some of the kingdoms, like Broken Spire seems to be 1 in 2 for me, so that’s quite interesting.


Hmm, mountains? That means either above Maugrim Woods and Khaziel, southwest of Divinion Fields and Zhul Kari, or the lone mountain east of the Forest of Thorns?


Very nice Serale, thanks for taking the time, I love knowing game statistics!


You little…!!! With the LoL Worlds hype and now this i’m going to die!!


Do what I do. Have LoL Worlds streaming on one device and play Gems on another :smile:


Wow, thanx. Very interesting.


Very interesting. I wonder what the numbers look like at lower levels where no one has level 10 kingdoms so that is less relevant.


I can only imagine how popular it’s Whitehelm now due to the extra gold (?


Khaziel is purely extra gold, Whitehelm is purely glory.


Oh yeah whoops and Khetar is extra souls. I knew it but miss typed :smiley:


I’ve been running Khaz as my home kingdom since way before the patch. My variations of Khaz teams haven’t stopped many invaders, but we never give up!

All the newcomers are just jumping on the bandwagon. I doubt they even know Khaziel’s National Anthem!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4! Hit it boys!


LOL nice, more importantly, which tags did you use to have youtube play within the post!!

I searched high and low for youtube tags :confused:



Umm none. It recognizes it as a youtube link and formats appropriately.

Edit: Come on brothers sing with me! I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole


I can’t stop singing that song now. I might create a dwarf team called Diggy Hole.


Thanks for the Like. That’s a song most fantasy enthusiasts will get a kick out of. It actually sounds fairly good as well!

If you find a dwarf team that works, let me know. My current Khaz themed team is:
Deep Borer
Dwarf Lord
Rock Wyrm

It works ok, Tyri is there to fill in the missing colours and because she has a high attack. Very occasionally her skill can be used effectively. Rest work well together, although when Tyri dies having 6 attack isn’t much. I could fill in with Gorgotha or something but it just feels… wrong.

I’ve tried Bombadier but he cluttered up the Brown slot for little gain. Miner is just… terrible. Sparkgrinder and Keghammer could be put in there (lots of Warhammer references in this game… must have some fans among the development team) but Sparkgrinder clutters red which is needed for Deep Borer and Keghammer clutters up brown yet again. Tyri really doesn’t fit the theme but she really increases the effectiveness. It’s a cheap and fast team.