Iron vs Magic Keys


Hey everyone,

I find the Magic Keys strange, like they should be stronger than they are.
If the main advantage of a magic key is that they are 3x as likely to get a legendary as a normal key, then shouldn’t 3 iron keys = 1 magic key? (I know the math is actually different but it should be close) But they are much more rare and hard to come by, and expensive (for a person still looking to buy armour). I suppose after buying armour, investing in magic keys is the next logical place to put your gems but still… their worth should be about 3000 gold coins per key correct?

If you have a 1/100 of getting a legendary with an Iron Key, then you have a 3/100 chance of getting a legendary with a Magic Key. The chance of getting 1 or more legendaries with 3 Iron Keys would be 1/ ((99/100)^3) = 0.0291 I believe if my math is right. Close to 3%.
Anyways, just pointing out my own disconnect between the cost and value between Iron and Magic Keys.

Should magic keys be buffed or should they cost less…?

Edit: did more background research (really should have done it before posting) and 15 gems = 1000 gold or 1 magic key. So buying with gems… 1 Iron Key costs 1 magic key. If using gems. So I’m really confused.


I wouldn’t buy gold at quantities less than 30k, which is 240 gems. This will buy 30 iron keys. For a while there, special event cards were occasionally given with purchases of 7 magic keys or more. Back then I would purchase magic keys in quantites of 7 to get multiple cards. However, I haven’t seen one in a while, so I will focus on 40 keys at 450 gems.

240/450 = 0.53333

30/120(40x3) = 0.25

If you buy gold for iron keys instead of magic keys, you will spend half the gems for a quarter of the legendaries. Or, twice as much. I’d go with the magic keys.


Right, so spending gems, clearly Magic Keys are a better investment than gold for the purpose of buying Iron Keys (not counting gold used for investing in Guild Tasks that acquire Iron Keys which would make it much cheaper in a guild of 30 members assuming equal contribution).

So, for a solitary user, gems are better spent on magic keys; that will give more legendaries.
If you’re in a good clan, get gold, use the gold on guild tasks; if I remember right the guild task that gives keys is about 27k gold, or a 1k gold investment from every member of a full guild for the cheap cost of 1000 gold = 6 Iron Keys = 2 Magic Keys.

So if you spend your gold on guild tasks, I think Iron Keys are still better. If you aren’t in a guild, or are in a small guild, spending gems on Magic Keys is better.


Mathmatically speaking, yes, chances say you should get equal that of a Magic Key every 3 Iron Keys, but there’s one thing to consider when it comes to chances. They always remain the same.

The chance of a legendary is not actually 1/100, but just following this method, think of it like this.
Iron Key = 1%
Magic Key = 3%
10 Iron Keys = ?%
It seems like 10 Iron Keys should give you a 10% chance of a legendary, correct? But in truth, the chance is still exactly the same, you still have a 1% chance of a legend on your tenth key as you did your first. The percentages do not increase, it’s just theoretically better.

There’ve been people who’ve spent 100+ Iron Keys and got no legends, while on the flip side someone could spend 10 Magic Keys and get 3 legends.
The only way to truly up your chances is through Magic Keys, and nothing’s guaranteed.

I myself have used over 1000+ keys in my time of playing, and gotten no more than 3 legendaries, 1 of which was a repeat. So if I want a better chance, Magic Keys are the best way to go because that chance increase is guaranteed, not theoretical.


Info about Iron and Magic keys <-----

TL;DR - Magic Keys = 50 Souls, Iron Keys = 25 Souls

Right now I’ve about 3k Keys so keep and eye on the forum, I probably would be counting those 9000 troops for y’all!


I have over 1000 now, so maybe we should count them together, to get an even better spread. Perhaps with as many people as possible, iron out the possible differences form hero to hero. :smile:


I don’t feel like it… Ok may be you and somebody else from the guild but more than that no. The reason is the more people the more chance someone is gonna randomly make the numbers. I don’t wanna put my name on fake ass stats. :smile:


Mathematically, with 10 iron keys at 1% supposedly, you have 1 - (0.99)^10 = 9.56% to get at least one legendary. :wink:

and with 100 iron keys, you have about 63% to get at least one legendary.


Tell that to my only 3 legendaries after all the keys I’ve ever used. :sweat_smile: