Are Magic Keys even magic?

I just bought 7 Magic Keys with diamonds that I saved up and got… 1 Epic card that I already had. No new cards whatsoever. I know that I have a lot of cards already and that I should expect most of my cards from chests to be duplicates, but this was pathetic. The only Legendary cards I’ve ever gotten came from iron chests, actually. I’ve yet to get anything decent from magic chests.

I’m just curious if this is normal and if there are any planned changes on making the magic keys worth getting. As of now, I’m pretty much done trying to get magic keys and will just hoard diamonds until they have value.

What is the actual difference between iron and magic chests? Is there any weight to the chances of getting higher rarity, or is it just purely a guarantee of one Ultra-Rare card?

Yes, the difference is pretty much the guarantee Ultra Rare, but theres supposed to be a bigger chance on getting Legendaries trought Magic Keys. I got some stats for you: Magic Keys and Iron Keys stats.

The difference only really shows when you get loads. I get a Legendary every 40 or so magic keys, and every 150 or so iron keys.

Magic keys should give like 5k souls also. That would make them worth buying.

It’s been speculated that Magic Keys triple the chance of Epic’s and Legendary’s appearing, however legendaries are still rather low considering 3 Iron Keys clearly don’t wield one.

Consider it like this, if 150 Iron Keys = Legend, then 50 Magic Keys could = Legend. But even then it’s all up to chance.

So save up your diamonds for an armor, as the rewards from that are guaranteed! =P

This has always bugged me as well. We’ve always been told that the odds to get an Epic or a Legendary are three times better with a Magic Key compared to what they are with an Iron Key. The problem is that, without knowing what the odds in question are, this is nearly meaningless. We don’t even have a ballpark, at least officially. There are plenty of threads with people giving us their own personal results on a small to less-small sample, but this isn’t reliable for the big picture.

By the way, it’s not mere speculation; I’m very sure the fact that a Magic Key has 3 times the odds of giving an Epic or a Legendary troop was noted somewhere official. I can’t remember whether it was in the game’s shop itself or on the website, and can’t seem to be able to find it now, but it was official.

In any case, from experience, the base chance to get an Epic or Legendary cannot be anywhere near 10% or above, it must be considerably lower than that (I think even the tripled odds have got to be lower than that, even). My own personal guess has always been that it’s maybe 1% or so for Iron Keys, and it gets bumped to 3% or so for Magic Keys. Maybe 2% raised to 6%. Maybe.

And the problem with this is pretty clear. Would you rather try your luck more often with a tiny, tiny chance, or less often with a slightly less tiny, tiny chance? Of course anyone would prefer the former to the latter, as they have a better shot in the long run this way.

Of course, it’s a bit tricky to compare how much Iron and Magic Keys are worth, since they’re acquired in different currencies, for the most part, and at different prices depending on what you rely on. Obviously, this doesn’t make much difference anyway, since you can potentially amass hundreds of iron keys without having to spend gems for them, whereas you’re almost guaranteed to have to shell out gems if you want to get any significant amount of magic keys.

Let’s just compare the prices for bundles with Gems, to at least get an idea.

The cheapest bundles:
15 gems for 1 magic key
15 gems for 1K gold = 1 iron key
Surprisingly, they’re at the exact same price, for these (and the next few bundles). :confused:

The biggest bundles:
450 gems for 40 magic keys, aka 11.25 gems apiece
240 gems for 30K gold = 30 iron keys, aka 8 gems apiece

Interestingly, even with the best deals for both, iron isn’t that much cheaper than magic. I’m surprised! ^^
This means that if someone spends gems for keys, magic ones are almost certainly a better deal.

Personally, I’ve always preferred spending gems on other stuff. Iron keys are enough for me.

Not true. It’s three times better. Okay, so we don’t know if that is going from 1% to 3%, or 5% to 15%, but it’s still clearly better.

I understand from dialogue here ages past that the chance of a legendary on an iron key is about 1.6%. So magic keys must be 4.8%. I haven’t kept lots of statistical records on it, but that feels about right for what I remember seeing…

Keys are all going to be changed around in 108 anyways…

@Jainus I didn’t mean “meaningless” literally. ^^ Of course it’s technically an improvement either way, but whether it’s significant or not depends a lot on what the original odds are, which we don’t officially know. What I meant is exactly that: the bigger the initial odds are, the more significant three times those odds can be. Going from 1% to 3% is a very marginal boost, not worth investing gems for, whereas if it were something like 5% to 15%, it’d be another story altogether.

Yes, and I’m looking forward to the update around keys. It’s clearly an area of the game that needs a bit more love. :slight_smile:

So long as there’s an interface to open more than one at once! agreed!

I’m just saving up my Magic Keys for the not-so-soon 1.0.8 patch conversion. I think Magic Keys will have a heavier weight than Iron Key then.

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I was doing some research on this topic but since the 1.0.7 update I do not open a lot of keys. I am nearly done with maxing all the kingdoms and then I will invest in keys again. Depending on how long it will take until 1.0.8 I might gather some useful insight via statistics on this matter.

Edit: From what I gathered so far, the evidence points indeed towards a triple chance for magic keys. Still not nearly enough keys to confirm it though.

I’ve saved up to get 40 magic keys for 450 gems twice. The first time I got 6 epics and one legendary (one of those epics was one I didn’t already have - Tankbot 2000). The second time I got 4 epics and one legendary. All were characters I already had.

I know 80 keys isn’t a very large sample space. But that works out to be 12.5% chance of Epic and 2.5% chance of legendary.

I share your frustration, but for a different reason. I definitely notice an increased rate of epics and legendary cards, but my problem is I basically never get anything new, and when I finally do it’s the least impressive new thing I could have gotten and then I start getting them fairly regularly (for a legendary, anyway).

For example, when I was still missing about 8-10 legendary cards, I finally got a new one and it was the Goblin King (before they improved him, mind). My most recent new card was Abhorrath. I’m still missing all the ones I consider really awesome, like Webspinner and Keeper of Souls. That’s not to say I don’t have any good ones, but the teams that I have the hardest time beating are the ones with cards I still don’t have, and it’s getting old going through a pattern of 1) yay, new legendary; 2) darn, not the one I wanted; 3) what the heck, now I get 4 of them in a week?