Best treasure map ever?

So this

Resulted in getting

After using the first magic key I got 1 common troop, 1 Rare, and 1 ultra rare (of which I already had all). But after using the second magic key, results were rather astonishing

Though I already had Jarl and the ultra rare, but Hydra was a new troop for me :smile:
Just wanted to share this double legendary moment with all of you, I may never see it again :laughing:


Now that is value for money :slight_smile:

Just to add that I’m a free player, can’t really afford to pay, but I probably would just to support this awesome team. I loved them since the puzzle quest games.

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Best record I’ve seen posted on here is 5 safes… my highest is 2 lol

but what did the 5 vaults yield? He got 2 legendaries out of that one magic key :slight_smile:

Lucky indeed! I thought I was lucky enough to get two legendaries in 40 magic keys the other day. Now, if he had gotten Sheggra and Crimson Bat in one key, I’d have to cry…

If it had been Carnex and Crimson Bat then the tears would have been mine.
So if he gets Carnex, Crimson Bat AND Sheggra, I guess we’d cry together :slight_smile:

If anybody got three legendaries in one key, I don’t think it would matter which ones! But yes, Carnex, Sheggra and Crimson Bat in one key would result in all our tears. And fits of rage. And the implosion of my brain at the thought of the statistical unlikelihood!

More like statistically impossible! Every Magic Key is guaranteed an Ultra Rare, so unless you glitch the system you’ll have to stick to dreaming. :thought_balloon:

Actually it’s possible. It’s true of both iron and magic keys that they are guaranteed a rare or ultra rare (respectively) or better. I have seen it myself on numerous occasions, that an iron key gives me two commons and an ultra rare, for example, or a magic key gives me two commons and an epic. I’ve also gotten other combinations, such as an iron key yielding three rares, or a common, a rare and an ultra rare; or a magic key yielding two rares and an ultra rare. And usually, when I get something good like an epic or a legendary, I don’t get much else other than commons along with it.

So rejoice! Though the statistical likelihood of getting three such illustrious and sought-after legendaries as the above named is infinitesimally small, it’s still possible! :tada:


yep, 2 of the 3 cards that are missing in my collection too. The third is Shadow Hunter, not even a Legendary!

Well I’m closing up to 450 gems to buy those 40 magic keys, I’ll post what was the result there :smile:

As long as you already have your outfits :slight_smile:

I do, I bought Dragon armor a week ago :smile:

Unsure if @melkathi meant your in-game Armour outfits, or your real-life Cosplay outfits… I’m guessing the latter, and some kind of Imp fetish…

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Well now I’m not sure either xD

Jainus is just pulling your leg, don’t worry about it.
Just don’t let him get your goat, you might not get it back. :goat::ok_hand:

Protecting my goat :hammer::goat::gun:

Honestly, I am trying to cut down on goats…

An update:
Opened 15 magic keys. Got 2 legendary. Behemoth and CRIMSON BAT :smile: