Treasure Map High Scores


This topic’s title is self-explanatory and this sentence is redundant.

What’s your best haul? Screenshots not necessary, but you may be met with ‘pics or it didn’t happen’…

My new best is three vaults, one red, six greens. Stupid last move opened up two extra turns I couldn’t reach…

Other contenders are two vaults, five reds and four greens, which is arguably slightly more high-level components, but triple vaults is so hard to do. There was also this other one I can’t remember except that it netted me six iron keys.

Not a bragging thread I swears it… Well it is. For everyone.


My best is 3 vaults + 1 red too.

Feature Request: a “turns taken” counter. That’d be an interesting measure both of how long you stretched out the minigame, and the quality-per-turn you achieved. 3 vaults in 50 turns would be more impressive than 3 vaults in 60 turns.


That would be nice actually. Definitely right, since you can turn five reds into one vault and effectively waste two of them - or just straight up have way better moves across the board, as it were.

At the moment all I’ve got is ‘around’ ‘maybe’ ‘10-12 minutes’ for how long


New personal best. Though @Tard_Carnival has an image on another thread that I just saw with 7 vaults in it…


Wow and I was so happy with three…


Mine best is only 2, I am to impatient to search for all possible combinations. But in turms of rewards I got 5 gems from a treasure map, and 2 times a magic key. Also I once reached 29 turns to play :smile:


I have over 170 unused maps. Any tips for best rewards per minute?


I don’t remember which one is my best, but I did take this screenshot a few days ago.


Nice! Vault City…


Today I got 6 gems out of 7 green chests. Happy with that. :slightly_smiling:


I’ve gotten two vaults more times than I can count and 3 once or twice. Then tonight, this happened:

4 vaults, an all time record for me. 7 gems and a gem key was the final tally.