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Lycanthropy, the why and the moving forward

still better than counting my Dementicores will steal attack most of the time…

not realy sure what you were trying to point out here… guess you complately missed my point of view

If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck then it is a duck.
Lycan gems look purple, match purple so they should be purple gems like the regular ones!
If I transform purple gems it should be transformed, if I remove purples it should be removed with or without triggering the effect depending on how the spell works. When exploded it should apply the effect, just as skulls do dmg or mana gem gives mana.


From design perspective they would probably fare best by making special gems only trigger whenever they get matched, never otherwise. Anything else just cripples their design space, right now you are basically guaranteed to get the special effect at least once when blowing up the board. Can’t wait for the day they decide to include an extra turn special gem under the current behavior, that’s going to be fun for whoever goes first in the match. :roll_eyes:


Agree that they shouldn’t be triggered when removed or exploded. Still need to make my mind with standard destroy.

But then there’s case of Uber Doomskulls, which should behave like Doomskulls… so you get their special efect whenever they get exploded/destroyed too…

No good generic rule for it…

One thing that’s missing for sure → they should get converted when converting their respective color, without triggering any effect at all.


Yep; it is becoming a farce; too fast. I started playing bounty today, ended up playing lycanthropy. Played delves the other day ended up playing lycanthropy. Went for a kingdom challenge only to grind again through purple nonsense. Geez I couldn’t even escape the purple daze in the arena. Can’t wait for it to seep into treasure hunt . Well given where it is currently appearing its not beyond the impossible ; with the nonsense travesty a once strategic game is currently taking.

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You think it’s bad now? Don’t forget the skyfall lycan gems increase with each week of the campaign. The last couple of weeks are going to be a nightmare. GW in last week too.