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[NOT A BUG BUT PASSED ON AS A QOL SUGGESTION] Lycanthropy on gnomes not giving rewards

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:
I don’t have any. I trust the community on this so am forwarding it here. I am not spending time to test.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Gnomes, when transformed then killed and battle won, still provide awesome loot. However, gnomes made into beasts via lycanthropy then killed and battle won, do not. For example, a pet gnome made into a beast via lycanthropy will not start a pet rescue, and will not drop pet food.

Other transforms, like Night Hag and Possessed King, do not prevent gnome drops. This is inconsistent with the devs recently comparing lycanthropy with transform.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time since Lycanthropy has been released

Steps to make it happen again
Make a gnome become a beast with lycanthropy, kill it, win the battle, and be sad about the lack of gnome rewards.


I’ve passed this on to the devs and they’ve added it to the Valraven QoL request. This isn’t considered a bug, so they will look into it in time.

I can see Snooj responding, but I have to jump in anyway. Given how it is nigh-impossible to get rid of lycanthropy gems on the board, lycanthropy is far from the effect described in your Official News thread earlier. You don’t get a choice whether or not to use it; you get a choice whether it gets applied to your team or the AI team. And the correct choice, 99.9% of the time, is “AI team”—it isn’t even worth listing situations where you want your team to get hit with lycanthropy rather than the opposing team.

There is no strategy here, no considered decision-making, but rather throwing yourself at the mercy of the RNG and praying that lycanthropy doesn’t proc—or if it does proc, that it hits a non-gnome/Raven troop—or if it does hit that troop, that it cleanses naturally before it can transform and take away rewards. That’s just not fun gameplay, or in line with the stated goals for this effect.


So, lycanthropy isn’t meant to act like transform, despite the official post from only four hours ago saying it is like transform?

If this is actually intentional to not be like transform (but still be like transform?), then the gnome help article should be updated. It states you will get the rewards if you kill it before it runs away and win the battle. That is true with transform, but not lycanthropy. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000074455-Gnomes-and-Gnome-Rewards


By who? If the coding team are saying “not a bug”, that often means “it wasn’t in the spec, you need to pay more if you want it changed” (or change the development schedule to get the fix prioritised).

This behaviour is completely inconsistent with the way the game has always worked - therefore it is a bug.

A large number of your players feel strongly that this is a bug - therefore you should acknowledge it as a bug or prioritise just fixing it anyway. Acknowledging it as a bug in the forums would be politically expedient even if your commercial arrangements mean that it’s a change request with the coders.

I don’t know your code base, but I suspect that the fix for this is the same as the fix for transforms behaving like The Possessed King and Night Hag, which you have stated is the intended behaviour. When lycanthropy procs, it seems that the code used for transforms such as Bat Swarm and Nosferatu is called rather than the code used for The Possessed King and Night Hag.

TLDR: acknowledge this as a bug (or a high priority change change request); just get it fixed - you are losing players because of the ongoing mess that is lycanthropy.


No, this is theft!
Everything pushes players toward buying gems with real money, and then you added lycantrophy to steal those valravens which were found with sigils bought with gems which were bought for real money.


and for vault weekend: less vault keys and resources from gnome drops.
so, players should buy more resources with real money and buy elite pass for campaign to get these tarot troops as it is already impossible to get all of them by vault keys later on.
like always: thank you devs!


So, robbing players of resources & sigils is working as intended? Ok.


Not a bug, just an ‘issue’.

As they gradually admit that Lycanthropy is bugged at historically high levels (that’s saying something, given the track record) instead of the ‘working as intended’ usual dodge, we now at least have the promise of an eventual fix.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute: