Lvl800ish looking for a guild

Looking for a guild- not SUPER hardcore but on the more competitive side. I just came back after a year
break. Def can get at least to rank 1 each week and all my cities are level 10 so I don’t have anything else to spend gold on. :slight_smile:

Would these requirements be all right :

  • 250k gold
  • 150 trophies
  • 1000 seals
  • Doing all guild war battles (results doesn’t matter, just doing them all is fine)

Currently, we have a couple players doing much more than this, and a couple not completing the requirements.
We are trying to replace the later group of people, wich mean we have space to invite you right now :slight_smile:

2 guilds looking here. Black Dragon might be too hardcore for you but Gems of the Ostfront would likely be up your alley.

Hey moewron,
im the leader of blood&honor. we are a casual guild with moderate requirements
100 k gold
700 seals
50 trophies
at minimum.
but a lot of members gives much more than this. come and join and become an important part of our community ^.^

If you want competitive without the hardcore stress, try the DruidsVale. We reach 40K seals and legendary tasks every week.

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I would like to invite you to join Sushi-Bar.

Sushi-Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! Play TOGETHER with family & friends ! Rank 264 GW 24 Seals 20k! Reqs: Lvl 200; Seals 1000; GW 15/wk.

Hi! You should check out Final Fantasy. We’re a fun, friendly bunch who loves to play but also have lives outside the game. Requirements are GW plus 1000 seals OR GW, 500 seals, and 100k gold. Message me if you’re interested!! Hope you have fun wherever you end up. :slight_smile:

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Light Army needs active daily players! We are sister guild to Anonymous and Bnonymous we are mid level try to get back up in rank currently 27th. Send me a message if you are interested. Thank you

Hoguns is looking for an active member. Rank #13.
Please check our ad link below. :slight_smile: