Level 850, want to progress, need a guild PC/Mobile

Hi all,

I am looking for a new guild on PC/Mobile. Since there a many good guilds with open spots (TUF, Dominant, Black Pearl, Black Dragon Court), I thought I rather let myself be found this time and make sure my guildmates and me are evenly happy with each other :slight_smile:

What I can contribute:
1m gold
1500 seals
Up to 300 trophies
Dedication, effort and gems in all guild events

What I am looking for:
A guild that reliably clears all stages of guild events (raid boss, tower invasion …)
As many LTs as possible
40k seals
A discord server where I can get some help with team building, esp for events with my not-so-big collection

My story:
I am level 850 atm but only playing for about 4 months. I was in two near-dead guilds before joining Celestial Peak. Great guys, but unfortunately struggling with withdrawing members. I want to thrive and build up my collection. So far I only have Megavore as a non-ascended mythic and I am missing a lot of legendary troops, too. So if you want a new force for GW, I am not your man (yet). For details, here is my collection: My Collection - Gems of War Database

Any questions? Ask. Think your guild is right for me and I am right for your guild? Leave a message! I am still with Celestial Peak right now and was thinking that sunday might be a good day to switch.

Edit: Platform


The Black Dragon Court will have some spots open at the end of GW
Join here Black Dragon Court

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Hello and thanks for your reply. Can you give me your requirements and achievements please? Also what means “some” open spots? Thank you!

@vanyel should have sent you a PM with all details. “some spots” because BDC is a group of 4 guilds, and on Monday each guild should have a spot available

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The scubadivers have an opening.
Guild at level 286, rank 475.
GW bracket 88

Case closed, found my new home :slight_smile:

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Come join intrim’s family. Join our discord server we can give you more detail