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Level 1067 looking for casual home

As the title suggests, I’ve been playing for quite some time now. I’m just looking for a guild home with low requirements that does guild wars. I don’t have much time to play anymore, but I like to gem around as much as I can. I can donate about 300k gold or so every week. Trophies and seals vary. I can bring experience as well as a smile to your casual guild. Please PM me here if interested.

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You can contact Flatulenzio here 👑 Closed/fermé/geschlossen/chiuso/cerrado 👑

Maybe @PGSundling has something in one of the TUF guilds for you

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You sound like a perfect fit for Final Fantasy! Our requirements are just seals and GW – 20 GW and 1k seals / week, or you can go 500 seals instead if you kick in 100k gold. We’re a fun, friendly bunch who love to play in a relaxed environment. I’m sending a PM now!


Anemoessa would be pleased to have you. We are rank 117 casual guild. All tasks are done on Monday. No requirements but your GW participation.

You’re exactly what we’re looking for in TUF:Power Gems and you’d be in on the ground floor of a rebuilding guild. We have other options in TUF and you can move around within the same group.

Or you can join a growing but enthusiastic guild.
It’s been 2 months since I had to set up a new one for the family and really could use your expertise and advice on any matter.
I’m a gm that will really listen and value every thing that you can bring to the team and would appreciate if you can help.

I know it’s ridiculous to even ask but that’'s how keen I am.

We certainly do. Thanks @Maxx

@Isis_Kitty, I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. You’d be a perfect fit for Taxaholic. We have 7 or 8 members over level 1000, most of them home grown. We have no seal or gold requirements. Our requirements are: do your Guild Wars daily, communicate if you can’t play, and contribute your gold once your kingdoms are level 10. We hit 20,000 seals weekly and finish 2 or 3 tasks. We have a fun family atmosphere and it sounds like you’d fit right in. We’re competitive in the high single digit GW brackets and are currently getting walloped I’m bracket 5. Unfortunately, we just filled an empty slot this morning. Let me know if you’d be interested in joining us in the future.



Everyone that reached out, thank you. I believe I have found the choice right for me, and wish you all goodwill.


Thanks so much for joining TUF:Power Gems. You get to be part of a new up and coming guild. It’s the lower reqs GW required guild in TUF. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to building a fun place to play Gems.

Thanks again for joining.