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2 PC members lookin for a somewhat stricter guild

2 PC players here, lookin for a guild, My kingdoms are all level 10, and I can donate gold… also…1500s and 500t, the other guy is working on kingdoms and can probably donate small amount 1500s and some trophies… We a top 100 guild but are being held back by members not contributing. We are looking for a little stricter guild for higher rewards. I am level 290 he is 130 but pumps a lot of money in. Leave a reply with your requirements guild rank and any other info you might wanna share.


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You should change your post to Recruitment and state what platform

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Much appreciated, new account havent done this before.

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We’re not that strict but still get a task done and all others to at least 6…


1 Spot Open, We Complete Legendary Task & Get 40k Seals Weekly.
1500 Seals, 500k+ Gold & 250+ Trophies.

We have 0 gold Req for members working on Kingdoms

I might have 2 Spots open… not only 1 spot but maybe 2 spots. :grinning:

im in teamspeak with my buddy now, he wont be able to touch 500k gold but the rest will be easy, i can understand if its a strict gold requirement… it should be…

he has 11 kingdoms to 10 and thats understandably his focus… let me know

I could fill that spot, but its up to you if you want the other guy

@hummydonuts Like I said, We have no gold Req for Members working on Kingdoms, so that’s fine.
As long as the seals are finished we can work with him. You both need to be active in our guild chat.
I’m in global chat now. I’ll work with both of you.
I hope you really can donate 400+ trophies a week :wink:
Say hello in global now.

Do ya’ll both own Dragon Armor or Deathknight Armor?

can you hop in channel say… 42

I Could I guess but I prefer my members in channel 001. That’s the channel the Devs come in.
Will you go to my channel?

just real quick to discuss guild change, we might have members in 1 so if i discuss guild changes id like it ot be somewhere else. we can hop back to 1 after

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ok But you need to say hello in 001 after I recruit you :slight_smile:

im in one talking the name is fstr21