Level 160 player looking for guild


I recently returned to the game after playing 2 years ago, and would like to join a laid back guild. I’m fairly active, and happy to contribute whatever I can to progress the guild but would prefer something without the pressure of strict requirements or activity to meet, as this is a game for fun when I don’t have anything more important going on. :slight_smile:

The guild I used to run was dead when I returned (go figure) and I realized I don’t want management responsibility, just want to play. Anyway, thanks for your consideration!

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Hey, I was just wondering if you ended up finding a guild? We have 4 guilds 1 of which is casual if you are interested, no requirements. They get 20k seals.

Let me know if interested.

Our guild Dragon Thunder would love to have you. Only ask that you contribute each week.

We also wanted the fun not the stress

Hey guys, I did find a guild but I appreciate the offers and will keep you in mind if friends are looking or my guild ends up dissolving. Thanks!