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2 Players Looking for an Active Guild

Hey there. Two friends who really would like an active guild. Both of our current guilds have players who aren’t playing, and a completely dead guild chat.

I’m just back from a long break from the game. I’m level 86. I was 64 last Sunday. It’s going quick. I’m contributing 1500 seals a week and 50k gold so far.

My friend is level 350+. He plays a lot, as well.

We are both open to guilds with required participation.

Let us know if you are interested.

1 Spot Open, We Complete Legendary Task & Get 40k Seals Weekly.
1500 Seals, 500k+ Gold & 250+ Trophies.

I might have another spot open in the morning. I have 1 spot open now.

Looking for 2 spots, as per the post. Thanks though.

I’m level 86. There is no way I can contribute 500k gold a week.

We have no gold req for members maxing kingdoms.
What can your friend donate?

i could also grant you 2 spots…


have a look :wink:

We could use you at BLaCkGoLD (I assume you’re PC/mobile, you didn’t mention what platform you’re on)

You should move your post to Recruitment and state what platform