Looking for a new guild today

Lvl 566 player PC version. I do 1500 seals every week, pay around 700 k gold (all kingdoms lvl 10), 187 trophies, gain around 30 lvls a week, and do all guild events. looking for a good guild to join.


I have a guild you can join, got 40k seals last week, finished 3 statues and are pushing for a 4th this week. About half the guild is still working on kingdoms, so i expect to be able to complete all statues before too long. you would be about 5th or 6th place donation/trophy wise.

Impervious Basterds is the place you are looking for. :slight_smile:
Rank 25, many legendary tasks and great Team mates.

Are you sure? I want a guild that will allow me to have fun with the game. AND NOT MAKE IT A JOB.
I want to contribute about 100 to 200 trophies a week.

Okay, I guessed that it would get so much easier to get to the 300 trophies by yourself when you improved your cards and level.
At least it was for me, after a few weeks it did not took more time to get the 300.
But If you are not to eager to go to 300 then you are right, it would not work :slight_smile:

Hi Presto,

Fiara’s Flame has an opening.
We are a real life friendly guild with 1000 seals and guild wars as an only requirement.
We complete around 4-5 tasks a week so your help could boost us to start legendary tasks :blush:

Level 1204
1500 seals
300+ trophies
500k-800k weekly gold

Looking for very active guild.


Goto is looking for a player

The druids family of guild are perfect for you. There are no trophy requirements only seal and gold. There is a druids guild for all player types. Druidshaven,druidsquest,druidsvale,and druidsglade are our guilds we have recruitment threads here on the forums for them. Check them out and come join our family.

Txtaz888 we would like to have you if interested

Hey we sure could use you in our league! We are up and coming League! Have gained over 300 spits in a week

I’ve returned to a former guild. Thanks anyway.

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Joined Impervious Basterds…ranked 25th