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Lvl 469 Looking for new guild guild found

Lvl 469 all kingdoms done 30 GW 250 + gld 1000 seals 100+ trophies average a wk. Invite code Rashell. Looking for top 50 to 100 guild with strick requirements and no anchors leeching off guild.


Hello, my guild is rank 47 and has pretty decent reqs for the level—500k, 200-250t, full seals, GW participation. We just lost some members after tightening reqs, so we’re definitely looking for members with the desire to avoid leeching :slight_smile:

Realm of the Undead, love to have you if interested!

Hello rashell. we are the guild Impure rank 123 , level 319, bracket five in wars
our reqs are 300k gold 200 trophies 30 gw fights 1500 seals , and discord
you would be in a kind of family guild raising the ranks
if interested add me on discord WOLFENGRIMM#3257

Hi Rashall, I suggest you 30 Secs 2 Match recruiting - please check out the new Black Dragon Court thread


250k gold (many of us do 500k - 1m)
120 Trophies (many do 200 - 400)
1000 Seals
GW not required but really preferred
discord not required but highly encouraged

if you’re interested, you can contact @vanyel

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Check out the Druids Alliance brudda!