30 Secs 2 Match recruiting - please check out the new Black Dragon Court thread

We are looking for an active player for our semi-competitive and friendly guild.

We are currently rank 59 with all statues between lvl 133 - 148 and +360% Gold bonus. We finish all statues each week and a few legendary tasks as well. We are able to reach 40k seals most weeks. We’re typically in GW brackets 3-5.

We require:

  • 300k gold (many of us do 500k - 1m+)
  • 120 Trophies (many do 200 - 400)
  • 1200 min Seals on weeks a new mythic releases and 750 min any other week
  • 25/30 GW + level 1 sentinels
  • discord not required but very highly encouraged
  • have FUN!

If interested, reply to this post with your invite code and some info about your activity level.


Bump for a great and friendly guild!

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We have 1 spot open now and another will open up by weekly reset. Please read the 1st post above for info and then respond with your invite code and tell us something about you.


I could use a new guild. We had a few members leave from my current guild and the chat is sorta dead. I hoping to get into a guild with an active ongoing conversation. How is chat a 30 sec 2 match?

anyway, I usually hit 1500 seals a week and donate 300k to 1m. my trophies are a little low at 100-200 mainly do to the farming of traitstones or souls in explore and tired of playing the same teams in pvp (too many troll teams). I have fully traited color teams for guild war and play all battles. Kingdoms are at level 10 with most at 7 stars the rest at 5 stars or better. My level is at 1100 something. I’d like to finish out the guild wars in my current guild so if you will have me i would leave my invite code when I quit my current guild on sunday.

I love the name - especially since I happen to be eating a delicious fresh amish-made donut as we speak, so it must be a sign! You sound like you’d fit right in!

Chat can be a little quiet at times as not everyone is super social. There’s a core group of us that have been more conversation oriented over on discord since the chat bugs make it difficult sometimes to have a coherent conversation and most often discussions are game related. So increasing social members is always a plus.

I would be totally fine with inviting after weekly reset so you get your current rewards. I have a 2nd spot available at the current holder’s request to remove them when we found a suitable replacement for him.

So drop me your invite and then give me an idea how soon after reset you’ll leave your current guild and I’ll send the invite 1st chance I get to after that (usually 6-8 hours after reset).

If you change your mind just let me know so I can continue recruiting. Otherwise you’re hired!

I’ll leave my guild after I do my matches in the morning. If you dont mind I can pm you my invite code when I do leave. And thanks for the chance in your guild.

Works for me! Welcome aboard!

We have 1 more space to fill before weekly reset. Apply now!

Friendly bump ^^

I’m interested in joining the guild. I’m at level 426 with all kingdoms at level 10 and working on getting them to 5 stars. I generally get 1500 seals, 150t and 300k gold every week. My invite code is LYONON.

Hi Lyonon! Invite sent! Welcome aboard.

That closes out recruitment for now.

We have 1 spot open. Please read 1st post & reply here appropriately!

Bump for a great guild!

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Bump.Excellent and friendly atmosphere guild!


We have 1 spot open.

Bump for 30secs!

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Still looking for 1 motivated & active player.

Bump for 30secs!

Friendly bump

Friendly bump

Up! Join a wonderful guild, with an amazing group of players!