Looking for an active guild / (Found)

I am looking for an active guild.

I can offer:
100k+ gold (depending on average gold ppl are donating)
100+ trophies
Daily guild wars
1500 seals
Level 200+ player
daily active

What i am looking?
Would be perfect if Guild gets 40k seals weekly, 20k is ofc minimum.
Full gems task and other 7-9.

If I would need to contribute more, its not a problem.

Pls consider Morbid Intent… look for recently updated post

Impure is recruiting. Reqs: 18+, Discord, level 100+, 1300s, 100t, 300k gold (50k if you’re leveling kingdoms)
25 Gw Battles,we make 40k seals every week
if you are interested pim me a massage

TY all I have a guild now :slight_smile:

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