Looking for a guild to join now(closed)

hi,friends.i want to join a guild(LTtask and 40Kseals).i usually gain 300t/1500s/500k per week.GW is also ok,please PM me if you have a slot for me.thank you and Best wishes.:innocent:


If your interested top 20 guild Dominant has an opening.

Light Army is looking for daily players

Hello rashell. we are the guild Impure rank 123 , level 319, bracket five in wars
our reqs are 300k gold 200 trophies 30 gw fights 1500 seals , and discord
you would be in a kind of family guild raising the ranks
if interested add me on discord WOLFENGRIMM#3257

thank you all,friends.i’d found a new home.
Best wishes :smile: