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Light Army is recruiting

Hello everyone.
So Light Army guild is recruiting. We have 24 active members right now.
We are number 22 in league with over 41 000 trophies.
We are looking for active members with at least 60 lvl.
We don’t prioritize any mana color.
3 days of inactivity will result in demotion or even kicking from the guild. So yeah… Just be active and have fun :smiley:


If you still have a vacancy, I’d love an invite. I’m currently at level 87, and am a daily player. My invite code is RAINIA.

Thanks for the consideration.

Edit: No longer looking for guild invite, thanks.

I’d like an invite if you still have an open spot. I’m currently level 77 and try to at least check in daily along with earning PVP trophies every week.

My invite code is BSEN.

We are at 16th now

Hi… I’m AVC2013, Guild master in Light Army guild.
There are 2 empty spots in the guild now.
We are at rank 14th now, and…
We are looking for 2 active players.
If you feel like to join us, just find our guild or leave your invitation code here.
Thanks and see you around.

Looking for active Guild

Invitation has been sent, but seems like you still join in another guild.
Btw, thanks.

Invitation code: RUBEDO

Lvl 53

I’d like to join your guild if there is still a free spot because my current one isn’t playing active

(waiting for an answer before leaving current guild )

no problem, I’ll send you the invitation

Rubedo and Ezekial,
Sorry guys, there aren’t empty spots in Light Army for now.
For next time, before you leave your invitation code, make sure you didn’t join in any guild yet.
Thanks anyway.

There is 1 empty spot in Light Army.
Find us, or leave your invitation code here.

There is 1 empty spot in our guild.
Leave your invitation code here, if you feel like to join us in Light Army.
Light Army is at rank 13th now.
Thanks and see you around.

Hey there, If you’ve got room I’d love to join your guild. Lvl 117, active and contributing every day. Invite is aaaaaaaack.

Light Army at rank 11 now.
There are 2 empty room for active player.
Find us “LIGHT ARMY” or leave your invitation code here.

Can I get an invite please? :slight_smile: Invite code “aaaaaaaack” thanks!

I’ve sent the invitation for you. but seems like you still join in another guild.
I can’t invite you if you still join in a guild.

Hi. I’m at level 266. Play about 2 hours a day, each battle usally spent 4 minutes. Win rate 96% and have the gold bonus x2. So i think that i meet your requirement.Please send invite.

Hi, bxox0000.
Unfortunately, the empty spot has been filled with new guy.
I will let you know if we need a new battle master.
btw, Thanks.

Thank you for your reply. I have joint in guild ‘Final Fantasy’. Btw, happy gaming :smiley:

2 empty spot for active players only.
Light Army now at rank 11th.
Leave your invitation code here.