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Lost all but 1 copy of leveled to mythic Gob Chomper

I had 6.now have 1.can I get my copies restored? This happened with the update.

Three still appear in a saved pet rescue team. I’m attaching that SS as validation. On iOS/iPad


Unfortunately a ss of 3 chompers isn’t validation you had 6!
Did you link your account to gowdb.com? If so that’s probably the best resource for proof - if not I suggest you check it out as it’s a fantastic site & really useful :+1:t2:


Requesting help about blocking people from harassing me via msg on forums.

Will leave bug report up in case others notice missing mythic sand have similar problems.

@Bleuu is there a chance that you ascended your Gob Chomper? I know it takes 6 copies to get him to Legendary. Then you will only have 1 copy, since 5 was used for the acension. (In case you are not aware of how the ascension works - without using an ascension orb.)


He’s not a dev. Devs have special symbols next to their name so you can tell them apart from mere mortals. Instead he’s a concerned citizen trying to help you find help faster than you might otherwise get.

But you work in tech. You’re too smart for us plebs. So I’m sure you also RTFM and understand there’s a completely different way to file this kind of bug report, and have already done it. I’m sure you also tell lots of stories about your “stupid clients” that expect you to cater to their every whim within 5 minutes or face THEIR WRATH.

So you certainly wouldn’t post in the wrong place with poor evidence of the problem you’re describing, then get irate and ridicule the person who came to help you, right? Someone who works in tech would be WAAAAAY too familiar with that happening to them to do it to someone else.

Also, since you’re a smarty pants tech worker: I don’t have the symbol either. I’m just some other smarty pants tech worker which means I also enjoy adopting a condescending tone and ridiculing people. A screenshot of 3 Gob Chompers proves you had 3. If you have 1 now, and that 1 is leveled to Mythic, the most plausible story is “Your memory is somewhat incorrect, you had 5, then you ascended it to mythic, now you have 1.”

The way to counter that is to produce evidence you ever owned 6. Gowdb was mentioned because it periodically downloads your game data so you can see stats about it. If it does that, it’s possible it has some historical numbers. But you’re so smart and in such a hurry to yell at someone you didn’t even think about that.

Calm down, then think about how you treat people and whether it promotes harmony. Spend some time reading the Bug Report template, as us tech workers are so fond of demanding everyone should do, and you’ll find there are many ways to report a bug and that this was the wrong one. Follow the instructions. Be pleasant. You’re asking someone else to do you a favor for free. Given your current tone, the tech worker on the other side’s going to be plenty happy to close your ticket for lack of evidence. Maybe try to think of a way to make them feel like throwing you a bone.

Either way, you’re raising a stink over a pittance and making yourself look like a petulant child.

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Requesting help on how to block users from messaging me on forums.

You don’t feed Gob Chompers either haha.

Chill out. Your screenshot proves nothing & being rude & aggressive won’t help regardless.
I was offering help, you obviously don’t care what a PUBLIC forum can offer so I’ll leave your thread alone & go back to not caring one jot about you yeah?
While we’re at it - is your username here the same as your in-game name? I just want to make sure you neve get anywhere near being in my guild with that attitude :kissing_heart:


Please stop talking to me and bullying me with messages, Dan. There is no way for me to block you and your friend and I did nothing to antagonize either of you, I was looking for Dev help.

This is not a very nice community at all. I’ve never tried to post a bug before. I may stop playing the game due to this unexpected harassment of messages. Not a place I want to support with my money at all.

You were asking for advice. I offered it. You were rude. I reacted.
Your attitude drives my attitude - as anyone will attest to on here I’m always polite & helpful, I’m the same outside of cyberspace until people get arsy with me which is what you did. Online or in real life that’s not a good idea with me. You don’t need to block me as I have no intention of interacting with you again, but you may want to consider how you speak to people in the future to prevent you feeling harassed when they react badly…

Dan, I asked you once to stop messaging me. Now I am going to have to report you for harassment.

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I didn’t ascend it, they were already ascended, but that is for asking, Erika.

Hi Bleuu,

Thanks for your report. I can see you have submitted a ticket. The support team will address your ticket accordingly once we have helped other players who contacted us before you.

While you wait, if you have any screenshots from when you had 6 gob chompers that would be helpful, as well as the approximate date they went missing, and when you first earned them - if you could respond with that info into your ticket that would be very helpful. :slight_smile: