Gob-chomper disappeared

While playing a pet rescue (goblin team, so I use 4 gob chompers, mythic), one of them disappeared. I assumed something random happened and it got eliminated. When the next round played, I only had 3. I edited my teams and it turns on I ONLY HAVE THREE?

Is there anyway I can get it back? I’m really disappointed that there’s a bug that changes my inventory.

Did you recently ascend Gob-Chomper?

Ascension only requires that you have (required + 1) to ascend. But if you ascend when you have that much, you end up with only 1 left, and any teams that had multiples will have the multiples removed.

So the most logical explanation is you ascended Gob-Chomper when you had (required + 3), and that left you with 3. Sadly if you do this, you just have to wait to pull another Gob-Chomper.

For future reference: it’s safest to ascend when you have (required + 4). That way you don’t get stuck unable to make a team with multiples.


No! They were mythics for months.

Moreover, I started the pet rescue with 4 of them, and ended with 3. Now I only have 3.

Maybe one of them was actually a Gob-chomper-chomper, and ate one of the bona-fide Gob-chompers.

If you truly believe that, your best bet is to file a Zendesk support ticket at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. They’ll have a peek at your account and might even have a way to verify you used to have more Gob-Chompers than you have now. And if that’s the case, they’ll give you back your Gob-Chomper.