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Tome of Evil Ascension Bug

Tome of Evil is currently at legendary status and shows it is eligible to be upgraded to mythic by the blue arrow. Game currently is showing I have 51 copies. On the GoWDB.com it shows I have 101 copies. image image image

Does it still have that blue arrow after a restart? It’s a visual bug. The troop can’t be ascended.
I’m ignorant when it comes to the website. Did you just acsend the troop to legendary level cause that would eat up 50 copies of it.

I think the web site showed 101 because it took 51 copies to ascend to legendary, and you still have 50 copies = 101.
In game, I think it’s a visual bug too.

I believe this is a visual bug, try restarting your game and it should fix it

Do you read any of the responses in a thread or just the OP?

I read the op then put what I know can help unless the op is closed

It’s been like this for a week. Game has been restarted many times. Just been lazy about sending the bug report.

then it might be a visual bug that won’t be fixed until 4.0

If you send me your permalink from My Collection (“Tools” -> “Get Permalink”) via PM, or your invite code, I can take a look. GoWDB.com uses data from the game server, though, with minimal processing in this regard; I don’t think it’s a GoWDB.com bug, but I could be wrong.