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[Text Issue] Bugged pet

i expect to be able to upgrade Pinguin since I have 5, but cannot.

Invite code is REXUAL_SXWZ
Switch v 4.80r19677

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You need to have one left after the upgrade, no point in owning zero upgraded pets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you use 5, you will have 0 left. You cannot go under 1 copy

The Troop upgrade screen would phrase it “You have 4 extra copies”, but consistency is inconsistent in the world of gems.


So I need one more? I get it. How do I close this report?

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@Kafka normally marks them [Not a Bug]. Perhaps it could be moved to Feature Requests, so that the Upgrade would be similar to the Troop description of extra copies.

I’ll ask the team to add a line of text explaining you need +1 extra copy to keep.


So after four years of having ascensions it took this first time poster to prompt you to do that?

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The extra text is already on the Troops, I thought it was on the pets as well, not sure if it got lost at some point or pets were missed.

Bumped. (I’d tag the thread instead, but Xbox controller confuddles me)