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(Not a bug) Can't increase Pet Level Cap missing Pets

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected to get some more pets but I didn’t._

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?
After rescuing Minfernus I collected the rewards but they didn’t show up in the troop menu as shown on the screenshots. When looking at the pet info it says I need 6 more to level up so I should have 9 but in the troop menu it says I only have 5.

Steps to make it happen again
No idea, I guess play pet rescue?

You don’t need to sacrifice 15 copies, you need to sacrifice 10 copies to get it from epic to legendary.
So you do have 5 as it says on the bottom of the second picture and you do need 6 more copies so you can sacrifice 10 and have 1 more at legend.
It is showing “Cost 10 (cards)” in the top middle of the second screenshot.

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Euh… right, sorry my mistake….
SO this can be deleted.
Sorry again….

There have been similar issues with the players confusing the Troops Ascension so I’ve made a note of this for the team to potentially look into in the future and also updated the Pets Article with more information.

I also reworded your title in case it helps other players. :slight_smile:

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