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How many legendary pets are needed to ascend to mythic?

I’ve got 15 trogpoles at legendary and it says I need 15 to ascend to mythic. But the ascend option is unavailable. Do I need 16?


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The “cost” is how many get consumed when upgrading, you still need +1 to keep after, so yes, 16 in that case.


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Thanks. I would have thought that the 15 would be consumed to create 1 at mythic level. Perhaps the text should say 16 to clarify the real situation. Looks like I wasted 50 gems today lol.


If one has, for example,
and looks under BONUS tab when clicking on the pet, it quite clearly states:

meaning that it requires 16 legendary pets to get 1 mythic pet.

Although, I agree that somebody unfamiliar with how ascension works might get confused when looking under Level Cap tab and seeing that the cost is 15 - it does look like the procedure is ‘exchange 15Legendary for 1Mythic’ instead of ‘give up 15Legendary to make the reminding copies Mythic’.


Change is coming, soon. Well, maybe not soon. Still a few Russian translation issues to fix. A few French ones as well…

I bumped a relevant thread, sorry for no links.