Loot Box / Gambling Mechanics need Overhaul /Regulation

At this point I need somebody outside this company to complain to. The insane amount of time, money, resources to be squandered for zero gain week after week is unacceptable.

I just got finished spending over 500 event keys trying to get Fallen Valdis with no “luck”. The previous week I spent over 10,000 lvl 6 guild keys trying to get Aquaticus with again no “luck”. The same wk all 3 greater orbs I spent hours and hours grinding to get were Greater Orbs of Growth which have zero value and no potential value.

Everyone knows that your RNG and stated odds are false. 25% is not 25% and it’s been stated that’s how its supposed to work. Being that in this game we exchange real world currency and real world time to pretty much achieve must needed goals you put in the game there needs to be some sort of regulation that everything is fair.

In my state Slot Machines are regulated to see that they are fair and I think there needs to be a 3rd party to insure that your what is in effect a slot machine is also fair.

I have sunk ungodly hours and money into your game and I feel cheated and as you are self-regulated I feel I have no one to file a complaint with who will listen.


What are the event chest drop rates for Mythics for 1?
For 2, simply why?

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Because if you want to raise the kingdom level of Dhrak you HAVE to have Valdis. They’ve built into the game a need for even useless mythics.

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The get around that I believe has been used/mentioned before is that you only ever ‘purchase’ keys, and you always get the guaranteed amount of keys that are advertised. When you then use the keys to gamble by opening chests you are not effectively purchasing the chests, you are using the guaranteed quantity of keys that you have already purchased. Something along those lines anyway.

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and there in is the problem. THEY are self-regulated and using gambling mechanics and also taking in real world money. It’s even a little iffy imo about how they are now having us waste time and then give us useless orbs.

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I know that was true yesterday. Is that still true today given the 2 new troops added?

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They require the mythics from kingdoms to go up at certain kingdom levels.

Right… But currently I’m waiting on a hero class to go more than 8 stars. No ETA on when that class will be.
But plenty of time to craft or get her from normal chests I assume.

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You’re not going to get a ton of sympathy here, just dumb dork tricks designed to frustrate you and make you give up.

This is the game’s forum. It’s where the addicted gamblers hang out. They might know what you’re saying is true but they’re too far gone to make any moves against it. Joining your campaign will take away the thing that’s enabling their habit and part of having that habit is being terrified of life without it.

If you want to have an impact, talk with different levels of your government. They’re the ones who can actually decide to regulate and oversee F2P gaming. As far as I can tell there hasn’t been a very widespread movement to do more than look like they’re concerned yet; the only regulations so far are the aforementioned ones that are easy to sidestep by selling a currency that is used to open things instead of selling the random chance up-front.


I don’t, care to enlighten me?

Which doesn’t even get you near to a 50% overall chance to pull a mythic. Losing a coin toss with odds against you isn’t “getting unlucky”, it’s “not getting lucky”.

No, you didn’t. You spent 10,000 guild seals, which is 500 guild keys, which doesn’t even get you near to a 50% overall chance to pull a mythic. Again, losing a coin toss with odds against you isn’t “getting unlucky”, it’s “not getting lucky”.

What you want to complain about is the absence of a pity timer, or possibly that odds are as low as they are. Don’t complain about “no luck” without actually knowing where “luck” ends and “no luck” starts, it will just get ignored.


On the other hand, if they really had spent 200,000 guild seals, that’s 1 in 20,000 odds to have not gotten the mythic troop. I’d feel pretty displeased if I were in that situation.

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I always say make RNG scalable as some players are served a Permanent baaaaaaad RNG and the others are here without empathy as you with bad RNG is like a third wheel and you are used to support the ones with good RNG. ( for players with less support and empathy just remember their name and do the same when the request anything her in forum #simple)
(Observation: the same players complain regularly her in forum shows a pattern that bad RNG is permanent)

Event key odds: 0.11% for a myhic.
Getting 0 mythics from 500 keys is pretty much normal/expected, from any angles of view.

Everyone with more than a couple of months playtime knows/should know that he minimum event key cache is 1-1.5k, if you go for the kingdom mythic.

The only guaranteed way to get a particular mythic is soulforge. And by the time a dhrak’zum class will be launched (thus pushing you toward the mythic required kingdom star level) , you’ll have more than enough diamonds for fallen valdis.


Where did you get that from?

The ingame info screen. Just press the question mark in the menu where you open keys.
Each key type has its drop rates published (except guild keys, that follow the gold/gem key rate).

For event keys:


This is really what I mean when I say there needs to be some regulation/oversight. We all know that their RNG engine is gamed. Anyone who’s ever seen the bandit spawn rate knows this and again in a game where real life money and time is being invested we deserve to know that everything is being done on the up and up and correctly.

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There should indeed be regulations and checks on loot boxes purchased with cash (like EA has for example).

You can’t even do that in this game (aside from maybe vip keys). You can buy gems, then you can choose freely if to buy chests with those gems, knowing the odds for/against.

The only regulation seems to be needed on some people’s own gambling spirit/urge, and that’s hardly the company’s duty/responsability.

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This is why I asked you what the rate was. So you yourself could see your chances of getting Mythics from event chests. A 1/10 of a percent tells me that I have a snowball chance in hell. Whether that’s fair or not, at the very least… getting a Mythic from 500 event keys can’t be expected.

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The bandit spam rate. Have anyone actually do any sort of statistical study that shows that’s out of control? Do you, for example, even keep track of the summons/match, or actual summons vs potential summon triggers, to be able to pretend that it’s botched?

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To do that, I would have to subject myself to dozens of games against bandit teams. Gross. I applaud whoever hates themselves enough to do the data collection for science, but I am glad I’m not them.