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Looking for top 100 guild to join

Hello! I am new to the game, but I play everyday. I’d like to join an active guild. I get teir 1 in pvp each week and get at least 1000 seals. I am happy to contribute generously as possible! I have two kingdoms I am still leveling, the others are at 10. I am level 65. Please invite me if I fit into your guild and you are top 100. Thanks!! My invite code is Elsa_37.

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Hi Jessie. My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master for Riverford, ranked 50. I’ll give you room to level up your two kingdoms which shouldn’t take long for you to do. We also have a Facebook group called Gems of War - Riverford.

I have sent you an invite if you’d like to join.

Thanks :grinning:

Hi Ricky! Thank you so much! I was actually able to level up one of them last night! I really appreciate your leeway on that. I will work hard and hope to be a good asset to Riverford!!

Hi Jessie. Thank you for joining. I’m just home so just seen your post. I’m from Glasgow Scotland. Hope you will be happy in a Riverford. Got a FB group a Gems of War - Riverford if you’re interested in joining.


I sent a request, I’m not on fb too often though. Do you communicate
through guild chat as well? That’s so cool that you are from Glasgow! My
best friend, who introduced me to Gems of War, has been in Glasgow the past
two years working on his masters!