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⚔️🛡❤️🔮 Riverford Rank 35th - Full up. . All tasks completed


My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master of Riverford, currently ranked 35th on the Leaderboard. I’ve been playing almost two years and I named the Guild after the road I live on.

Since the 2.1 release its became evident that every player in an active Guild benefits by contributing seals and gold to unlock rare troops and team bonuses.

We have gone from 50th to 35th in the league rankings in the last four weeks and are on the ascend. We want players to help build that momentum. Come and join us.

What we offer:

A fun active Guild with members from all over the world
We have our own Facebook page Gems of War - Riverford where players share Troop combinations and ideas
We have unlocked all 6 Guild tasks this week and completed a Legendary task.
When you join our guild you will enjoy +3 to your attack stats, +2 to magic, +8 to armour and +8 to life.

What I require from you:

That you get 1500 Seals every week
That you donate a minimum of 300,000 gold each week to help unlock tasks. The bonuses stack each week
That you earn 150 trophies minimum in order that we keep gaining momentum up the league rankings.
Notice if you are going on holiday and can’t contribute one week

If you are still levelling up kingdoms then we are probably not the Guild for you at the moment

Any questions feel free to ask


I am looking for a new guild and can meet your requirements.

Hi there.

Ok send me your game name and I’ll invite you


Ok we still have one spot open. Reply to this thread please.

Still looking for one active player to help us on our quest.

I can look in game chat if you like - on for the next couple of hours?

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Hi Daran

That would be a good help thanks. I’ve been flipping between global chats 1,2 and 3 trying to get people. Can’t believe how hard it is to get people to join a guild where you get all these bonus stats lol

I’ll keep an eye out in global chat 001 - the most traffic

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Recruitment is closed now.