Looking for this: Infernal King Final Boss Team

Hey folks,

I’ve actually got a somewhat weird request: I’m looking for a Final Boss-esque team contain the Infernal King.

The reason for that is my own GoW story which features the Infernal King (at the moment) as the final boss. And I’m looking for a team containing him for this purpose.

My best idea was:
Infernal King

Any other ideas? May you help out a freak, who spends to much time thinking of stories?

Well… If you look at the current meta, you should come up with something like :

Great Maw
Infernal King

By the way, if you need access to the original game story, I got it on my under construction website. It’s far from finished, and still needs polishing on what’s “done”, but I can give you access to it.

NB1 : Since World.json is now encoded, I do not have Glacial Peaks story yet
NB2 : I’m not currently working on the site as I’m enjoying 2.0 AND my new computer…

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I was think that too, but I fear that the Great Maw overshines the King easily, so that’s not an option.

I actually save every single piece of dialogue as a steam screenshot. If you have need for those… (haven’t done Glacial Peaks yet)

Without having any clue of how your story goes, it’s kind of hard.

Like Twisted Hero seems like a great troop with Infernal King, because of the rise and fall of the hero theme. Alastair would also be good, since he could be seen to constantly struggle with the IK control over him. Providing him armor, but yet at the same time stripping out the magic that allows the IK to destroy his enemies.

Dokkalfar, Sacrificial Priest, and Kerberos, could be another combo along the theme of mortals plotting to summon and power IK.

So I guess it varies on how much you are looking to go for the most playable, destructive IK team, vs how much you want a solid team that fits your story.

Why is that a problem? I’m pretty sure the story text is in World.xml, which is not encoded.


All the dialog is available in the xml files on the PC version. The tags are QUEST9000-QUEST9287

EDIT: Beaten by @yonizaf by about 5 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

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facepalm Totally forgot about that. Though that would require another thread since it’s pretty long. Should’ve thought twice before posting.

Anyway, your other suggestions actually helped a bit. Thanks for taking your time.

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UPDATE: @Esoxnepa already pointed it out: It doesn’t make much sense asking you for a certain story boss team without actually explaining the story.
Then I want to ask something different: Are you guys in general interested reading a brief overview about my story?

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Yes! (blah blah ten characters)

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Because there is much more to it than just the texts : I gotta know who is talking, who we are fighting, wich creatures greets you when you start the fight and what does it say. Every piece of information is still here, but World.json is the one connecting them all. It’s the key to my app as it is to the game (so it’s no wonder it had to be encrypted).

BTW, I was warned beforehand that it was gonna get encrypted (didn’t share this information around as I thought, at the time, GoW staff wouldn’t want me to as there are cheaters around that might have had a malevolant use of that information)
Now I’m just waiting for either a solution on GoW side (adding unencrypted World.json to client files since it’s unusable game “hacking” wise) or for an official announcement that this solution can’t be accepted (even then, we should be able to come to some agreements with GoW staff, no worries, GoW staff is made of cool people B) )

That would have come in handy to polish my layout back when I started the “replay story” feature, but since it’s only a layout matter, I took my screenshots during Glacial Peaks’ questline, so I’m fine, thank you :wink:


It is here, guys. Have a nice read.