FanFiction Time: The Gems of War

Continuing from Looking for this: Infernal King Final Boss Team:

I’ve been “writing” this story since I completed all of the 15 original questlines. In my story, I try to stay close to the original quests, but also want to connect them all together. Without further ado, let’s get started:

The main character is a human knight called Kain. He is a freshly promoted knight from Sword’s Edge. His sidekick is a magician named Shamaya. And for lolz, I changed Tau to be a supportive rival for Kain.

Their first mission is to aid their mentor Luther to gain Sheggra’s Heart, in order to save the queen from her poison (like in the Broke Spire Quest). That storyline is almost unchanged until the defeat of Sheggra. The party not only gains her heart, but also a giant red orb, that emits a lot of Fire Energy. After a short discussion the party decided to take that orb with them.

They return to Sword’s Edge and cure the queen from her poisoning. But there’s little time to celebrate: The royal knight coronets betray their queen and lock her in the palace. The loyal knight were unprepared for this betrayel, so there wasn’t that much of a resistance. Luther and his group try to escape the palace, but the Coronets chased them along this. Tau then decides to take on the traitors to buy his comrades time to flee. Kain and Shamaya make their escape, while Luther refuses to let Tau behind.

Kain and Shamaya reach a portal outside of Sword’s Edge’s capital, which leads to the allied kingdom of Adana. Any villager who can escapes through that portal. Kain and Shamaya also plan to flee through it. Unfortunately the portal is attacked by Aziris and his undead legion. The battle is short and results in the destruction of the portal, but Kain managed to get through before it collapsed. Shamaya stayed behind and was captured by Aziris.

Meanwhile Luther and Tau have fought their way outside of the castle, along with other loyal knight. They decide to flee into the Pridelands and hope to get rid of their trackers.

From then on the story splits into 3 different paths:

  1. Kain arrives at Adana, meets Sparkgrinder and tries to find a way back to Sword’s Edge.
  2. Luther and Tau hope to reach Whitehelm in order to call reinforcements.
  3. Shamaya is enslaved by Aziris and has to do his dirty work.

My script ends here, as I changed the story numerous times and this is the latest version of it.

The following this are planned:

  • The Keeper of Souls is featured as the primary main antagonist.
  • The Old Gods play a very important role (they fought in an ancient war centuries ago)
  • Not only a main story, but also lots of small side quests.

Because of a 2.0 feature, that allows you to battle your own defend team, I’m also able to play my own story battles. That’s why I took my story scripts out once more.

If there are any questions left, feel free to ask them.

If you read from the beginning to the end… Thanks for reading :smile:


This was very entertaining but it feels a little like bullet points to what could be a decent novel, keep at it, I would love to see this in story format at some point. My story centered around Gobby (based on Goblin Rocket) was just finished last night and will be posted on Tuesday, it took 4 weeks to write 15k words, anyhow keep at it and I hope to see good things from you in the future.

I doubt I’ll finish this. Motivation is usually on the short side, when working on it for a while.

But I could imagine that I share battle videos with you along with a little text. It’s like a story piece-by-piece.

That would be cool too

So I’ve thought about presenting my story to you, guys. Problem is: I don’t think I’ll have enough motivation to write the story from start to end. So this is my solution for the problem:

I’m planing to present the story battle by battle along with a little piece of text. The battle will be shown in a video. This has the following advantages:

  1. I can react to new troops and kingdoms as I’m developing the story piece by piece.
  2. I’m not really good at describing battles in a exciting way. The video would avoid that problem by doing the writing for me.
  3. I may be able to let you take decisions for our hero(es). A story with multiple paths.

What do you guys think about this?

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