Gems of War OTP

You read that correctly. Who is your Gems of War one true pairing? It can be bromance, friendship, or even romance. I just wanna know who you ship, and why!


Valkyrie, Justice, Queen Mab


Seems obvious.

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Lol 123456

Mine’s Salty x Mab but that will surprise precisely no one.

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No surprise everyone love mab

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Mine is shiny salad tds its a thunder!

I remain convinced by this old thread. :stuck_out_tongue:



Actreal bringing the goods.

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Definitely Tyri (here, here, and here) x Raven (here and here). They make me giggle. I love happy-go-lucky types, bonus if they happen to do some thievery on the side. Their child would be a force of nature, too…


This one is quite popular in the office too!

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Tyri and the Hero. Because it’s fun watching Tyri drag the hero all over Krystara looking for treasure and the hero just responds with essentially “sigh … yes dear”


How about the hero and mongo?

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Queen Aurora, and Borealis…

Is that how the Frost Lizards were born?

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Reminds me of Shiva x Hraesvalgr in FFXIV.


They make beautiful lights though

No love for the wicked? Gorgotha and Infernus win this by a long shot.

Ultimate bromance with Gorgotha enduring so much pain for Infernus and Infernus clobbering the baddies to stop Gorgie’s suffering.

My pairing is Valk and Banshee - Like Laverne and Shirley… :slight_smile:

I mean I can hear Banshee telling Valk - lighten up sister… we’re good together… And Valk - going - Do we have to stop at EVERY cemetary!?

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EK and KH.

‘I’ll start from the top, you start from the bottom, we’ll meet in the middle’.


Abynissia and Gardz Avatar of course !!!

Daemon or Divine

:smiling_imp: or :innocent: