Looking for advice on High tier teams


Hello everyone,
I’ve been playing for almost 3 weeks now, and feel I have a pretty good team. I wanted to post it and see if any high tier players had any recommendations for swapping units/weapon or have a build of your own you’d like to share that seems very effective.
slot 1 Carnex
slot 2 Gorgotha
slot 3 The Silent One
slot 4 My Hero using War and Peace

Mainly just try to get carnex or gorgotha active and then chain them each turn, silent one for blue and against opposing legendaries to try to reduce RNG. Weapon could probably be improved, but thats the best one I have so far.
Thanks for any suggestions and if any high level players are looking for a new guild Birch Team has some openings, top 30 and we seem to be moving quick.



7 months here and still don’t have Carnex nor The Silent One !




That’s the basis of a pretty good team - pairing up exploders is always fun, and makes for a fast strategy. It can be risky though - exploders really reset the board, so you may line up 4/5s or skulls for the enemy - also in some games you want to deny the enemy a colour, and exploders lack the precision for that.

The other exploder pair is Ragnagord/Herdmaster, which is a bit weaker, but charges faster.

For blue, you could add Sunweaver or Druid for example.

For green, Hobgoblin is great, or even just a Goblin…


Just for Silent One, I am trying out this team right now:
Cursed Blade (Hero purple/green - uses enemy’s boosted stats against them)
Valkyrie (powered up by Alchemist)
Silent One (powered up by Valkyrie)

Seems it needs a bit of patience though as it doesn’t deal too much damage.


I would toss out Hero for Dire Wolf or Orion. Hunter’s Mark doubles the damage exploders do when destroying skulls. This makes Carnex an absolute beast doing 16+ damage while filling the team(including himself) with mana.


Like you, I too have only been playing for about 3 weeks now so still learning who’s who and I’m sure I will experiment with other groups. But my present setup I’m currently running is…

Gloom Leaf

Once I get either of the boomers going, It’s pretty much a bangfest and this loads the others up quite nicely. :slight_smile: But agree with what Jainus mentioned above, it can be risky for exactly the reasons stated. … I also like to get Gloom Leaf loaded for at least one good hit, which not only takes armor/attack from all of the others, but powers himself up for some heavy hitting afterwards. - (I did have Kerberos in at bottom at one point, but opted to add in Herdmaster to complement Gorgotha.)

I did just pick up Ragnagord last night, but haven’t fooled with him yet.


Ragnagord pairs better with Herdmaster (than Gorgotha does) because of the colour mix.


Good to know Jainus, thanks! Will definitely be giving that a go.

Actually, my wife just starting using the Ragnagord/Herdmaster combo last night herself. But I was heading off to bed, so not sure how she did.

Thanks again


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I dont believe those troops are all out on xbox, and I have silent one for the board resets although sometimes hard to fill with gorgotha taking half his color, i like the hunters mark suggestion utfan, dont have an orion yet, ive heard bad reviews because of his rng, but ill check out the wolf, see if the stats are good enough


I second this choice. Hunter’s Mark is one of the best abilities in the game.

This is also an important point, you’ll fill up faster this way and with hunter’s mark, you’ll dish out a lot of damage while consistently refilling your other troops.

My lineup is the following:

  1. Hero with Mountain Crusher (+2 Brown)

  2. Orion

  3. Ragnagord

  4. Herdmaster


Ditto. And the remaining 2 misses are obv. webspinner and Venoxia :slight_smile:


Nope he can’t add hobgoblin or sunweaver as they’re not out yet on consoles but druid is a good idea. If you have behemoth I use that team. Personally carnex in first slot doesn’t work consistently for me. I drop him to third slot change out war and peace for best green weapon have gorgotha second slot.

Orion doesn’t have hunters mark on the consoles. Dire wolf is interesting.

My team I typically use for speed is hero with best green weapon
gorgotha less consistent than carnex for causing damage
Carnex damage is nice by the time the ai gets to carnex you should have significant armor built.
behemoth the main source of damage. If you don’t have behemoth then druid is a good choice.