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Looking for active guild (keys - gems)

as per topic, looking for good return of keys and gems, i am lv 82 with average donation 85k and global 1m e 120k, about 100 trophies per week slaccino.want a guild worth of donation
please advise medium keys and gems per day and you minimum requirments,

code Alebenja1981

You really should give information about yourself and than the right guild will approach you. A good title would be level xxx player is looking for active guild :slight_smile:

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yep for sure,
just i have no access at the game right now, so i do not have stats at hand,
i’ll update asap

you can join my guild its new but hoping to grow and charge up the ranks. Wu-Tang Clan

i’m very active and have more people on-board.

I sent you an invite. If you believe you can do 100k and 100 trophies a week and stay active you’re welcome to join my guild, Geminy Crickets. If you have any questions feel free to message me. I also have a forum post up with more information.