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Lvl 232 lvl 10 cities looking for highly contributing guild PC/Steam

WIlling to donate 100-200k gold per week or more, depending on how much i feel like playing. Invite code: STEFANICK_1.
My requirements is your players can donate as much as me so I can quickly get those gems and keys. The gems I get from guild will go towards gem chest. I have my ways of donating gold other ways. If I don’t get any offers until tomorrow, I’ll be making my own guild.


you can currently ask to be on the waiting list, but minimum requirements are 200k and 200 trophies a week.

You are in other Guild…

We are in BLaCKGoLD: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/guild-recruitment-blackgold/323/141

If you are interested, post in the post clan. We are active players. Thank you.